Tune Into CBC “All in a Day” at 4:45 EST pm today – John Richardson interview

Please tune into to hear Alan Neal, host of “All in a Day” interview (CBC radio) with John Richardson this afternoon at:

5:45 PM Atlantic
4:45 PM Eastern
3:45 PM Central
2:45 PM Mountain
1:45 PM Pacific

9:45 PM GMT London
10:45 PM CET – Europe

5:45 AM AWST Perth West Australia
8:15 AM ACDT Adelaide South Australia
8:45 AM AEDT Melbourne & Sydney New South Wales
7:45 AM AEST Brisbane Queensland

NB: Hope the Australia times are converted properly….
I am listening right now – HERE.
or go here:

under the first menu bar – upper Right Hand Corner- Box: LIVE Click on “Listen Live”
All in a Day

PLEASE: Anyone who is knows how/is able to record this, please do so since there will be limited time to listen to the replay version. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Tune Into CBC “All in a Day” at 4:45 EST pm today – John Richardson interview

  1. Lynne Swanson

    Update: Interview on All in a Day January 25, 2016 with NDP Jean-Luc Dusseault and Con Lisa Raitt.

    CBC says “We’re still waiting for a response from the Liberals.” Join the club. So are we.

    Jean-Luc Dusseault says the NDP is “eager to know what the new Liberal Minister will do.” Join the club. So are we.

    Mr. Dusseault points out that many Liberals were critical of FATCA, but concedes “it will be difficult to get out.”

    Lisa Raitt insists the Cons didn’t have a choice. She admits most of us are hard-working Canadian citizens, but golly gee whiz, they did everything they could to protect us, but protecting the banks was the prime motivator. Then she makes reference to “those evading taxes.”

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Sigh.

  2. Lynne Swanson

    Great interview John. Thanks for posting Tricia.

    Here is one woman’s interview today.

    CBC interviewer says he is hoping for a response from the federal government by the end of the week. I hope he has better luck than we have had in getting a response from the Libs.


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