New Year’s Wish

As 2016 draws to a close, there are people from all walks of life, throughout the world, who share one attribute, along with one New Year’s wish. These are the ‘US persons’ – those individuals who USA says are inexorably connected to the USA, most commonly due to birth on American soil. Their collective New Year’s wish – to be free of the inequities associated with being deemed a ‘US person’.

During an interview regarding his book, ONE MIND, How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why it Matters, Dr Larry Dossey says: “Our problems are enormous: global climate change, environmental degradation, pollution, overpopulation, water scarcity, hunger and food insecurity, endless wars, religious strife, degradation and acidification of our oceans, on and on. Nearly all these problems are caused by individuals who represent a particular culture, race, tribe, country, or religion, who are competing with other individuals of different views. We cannot see beyond our individual self, our tribe, our religion, our culture. All of these problems are compounded by greed and selfishness…. It is going to be difficult or impossible to confront these problems intelligently without dealing with our fragmentation and sense of separateness. We need a profound shift in our sense of how we are related to one another. I believe this shift is possible by re-imagining how we connect with others through our consciousness. The “us-against-them” competitive model is not going to see us through. A shift to a One-Mind perspective may be our best alternative — a sense of unity that is experienced at our deepest emotional levels.”

The human rights grievances associated with being a ‘US person’, although justified, may seem trivial compared to the plethora of issues threatening the survival of humanity and our planet. Nonetheless, they are  representative of a lack of ‘One Mind’. When governments and financial institutions, consisting mostly of individuals who are lucky enough not to be classified as ‘US persons’, support, enable or enforce ‘US person’ laws (i.e. CBT, FBAR, FATCA currently, but who knows what else in future) in the misguided belief that harm inflicted on a minority is justified to ‘protect’ the majority, or worse deny there is any harm being done at all, we all lose. And when as individuals or groups we silence, label, deny, invalidate, discriminate against, or marginalize others, even in our comparatively small spheres of influence, we all lose.

“Just as a parent chooses to protect his or her own children, we sense, through the One Mind, that we must protect our relations with whom we share consciousness, which includes all of life on earth. The new ethic makes it possible to expand and revise the Golden Rule. We no longer say, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Now we say, “Be compassionate to others because in some sense they are you.” ”

Happy New Year.

10 thoughts on “New Year’s Wish

  1. WhiteKat

    Zla’od from IBS writes: “Such comparisons are hyperbolic, and made without much appreciation for the actual plight of slaves. This kind of rhetoric does not help your case…. tell me more about how the citizenship problems of expats or “accidental Americans” are similar to those of sexually trafficked women, or third-world people forced into debt bondage…. Whatever injustices we face, we have to recognize that most of the world would regard us as living charmed lives.”

    Thank you for sharing your insight. As someone who has used the slave analogy while trying to argue for “the cause”, I have become aware that although when looking from a place of self, this is a valid perspective, it does not resonate emotionally with those who are not experiencing what I am experiencing. I think what can happen is that people we are trying to connect with may see us as drama queens, which causes them to stop listening. From the emotional perspective of others, slavery (the types most are familiar with) can’t possibly compare to our issues. Feeling this way is not wrong. Just as we are not wrong to feel enslaved. But if we want others to listen and empathize, it is helpful if we remain mindful of perspectives other than our own, and use language they will be likely to identify with rather than be put off by.

  2. George III

    Issac Brock said that they thought George III was a different person than George trois or George Third.
    Even all three were obviously pushing the same point. I did with practical solutions to problems.
    They may not like the fact that I pointed out Pay Pal was a USA company and would have your SIN and bank account information if you transfer money. The USA can easily get this information and you would lose one of the best defense against FBAR and other tax regulation, I did not know.

    Maybe Lynn can remember who told her that they should start donation for the lawsuit in June 2014?

    When Vladimir Putin allowed Russia banks to pass information to USA I realized Obama was not bluffing.

    1. WhiteKat

      @George III/George Third/George Trois,

      Are you saying this is where the Brock rejects hang out? Kidding.
      Someone said to me recently: “If you don’t fit in then you are probably doing the right thing.”

  3. WhiteKat

    As an addendum to my prior comment, I would like to add that I personally will no longer be writing about anything FATCA related anywhere. Am ill from it all. Once again, thank you Lynne for allowing me to have had some closure here at Sandbox. You have no idea what a difference that has made. You are a life saver!

    And good luck to everyone involved in the Canadian FATCA IGA lawsuit. Will follow the Canadian mainstream news for their once in a blue moon write-ups. Keep Brockin’ on!

  4. WhiteKat

    Just wanted to make a couple of points that came to mind after reading the latest post at Brock:
    My intention is not to be divisive, but rather I feel strongly that it is important to be able to express varying viewpoints.

    Brockers often refer to ‘the cause’, as though there is only one goal, and that we are all of like mind. Yet this does not appear to be the case. Similar causes, overlapping causes, but differences sometimes conflicting, are also apparent. Some people want to remain US citizens but don’t want to be subjected to CBT. Some, though no longer ‘US persons’ are still emotionally connected to their American roots and have a bone to pick with their ex-homeland. Others never felt ‘American’ or have happily put their ‘American’ past behind them. Some want to but cannot afford to renounce, and are desperately wishing their lives could go back to the way they were before FATCA – as citizens of the one and only one country that they have lived in for decades or entire lives. Some feel that ‘accidentals’ must stay the course until the bitter end along with all the other ‘expats’ until such time when RBT finally ‘frees everyone’, whereas some feel an amnesty for ‘accidentals’ should be supported (many disagreements ensued at Brock over this). Not one common cause. More like one COMMON ENEMY (or two if you count the USA along with the government of the country where you live).

    Some people, myself included, do not think that a group of Canadian individuals who are pursuing a Canadian lawsuit against FATCA in Canada should simultaneously be pursuing an American lawsuit against CBT within the USA. I felt I was bullied on more than one occasion for expressing this perspective at Brock. It got to a point where I was afraid to be WhiteKat, and felt I had to be someone else (different aliases) to be able to discuss viewpoints which challenged those of the new ADCT organization. Now, I no longer have a voice at Brock. Upon removal of my author access and deletion/moderation of my comments, no explanation was given to me by anyone from Brock. Weeks later I asked for an explanation and after another few days of waiting was told by Peter Dunn that the decision was agreed to unanimously by Brock admin along with the ADCS-ADSC organization and associated committee (not clear why ADCS-ADSC got to vote), and that the reason for my banishment was not only that I broke the Brock rule that one must stick to one alias, but that I was an “astroturfer” who repeatedly attacked ADCS-ADSC while expressing “idiosyncratic viewpoints”.

    Whether or not one agrees that my punishment fits the crime can be debated. What cannot be argued is that when moderators/administrators of a website claiming to promote freedom of speech while purporting to facilitate the coming together of an inclusive, supportive, grass-roots community, happen to consist of the same individuals who are the self-appointed directors of related organizations having specific goals, there will not be unbiased moderating at that website. Full Stop. Can’t happen.

    1. WhiteKat

      Thanks Mr. A. I’ve always respected and enjoyed reading the thoughts you’ve expressed at IBS.

  5. EmBee

    Happy New Year to you WhiteKat, and to Lynne and to all who come to the Maple Sandbox to learn, discuss, strategize and commiserate. Hoping 2017 brings us all the “bee’s knees”, which simply means something sweet and good … like a successful Charter Challenge.

    1. WhiteKat Post author

      Thanks for the ‘Happy New Year’ Embee. I also hope yours is happy and that we see an end to FATCA. It is good to hear from an EMpathetic Brocker, as has been hard dealing with being banned from Brock. I keep telling myself Brock is just an internet forum, but don’t really believe it.

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