3 thoughts on “Message to Morneau: We Are Canadians

  1. Lynne Swanson Post author

    I received my Morneau form letter yesterday. No recognition that I Am Canadian.

    Again, why is that so hard to understand?

    Hypocrisy, Cowardice, Erosion of Sovereignty, Unworthy. All that and more.

  2. badger

    @schubert, re; “…“hyphenated” Canadians…”..
    The CONS and now the FibbingLibs don’t use the hyphens. They have dropped it entirely when it is us, and call us “Americans residing in Canada”, refusing to acknowledge or honour the Canadian part at all.

  3. schubert

    Lynne’s message is a very important one. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to all citizens and legal residents of Canada. The Charter prohibits discrimination on the basis of ethnicity or national origin.

    There is another factor. Some Canadians, and not just of the Tory persuasion, have concerns about how many Canadians consider themselves “hyphenated” Canadians, or even something else first (e.g., Christian, Jewish, Muslim, whatever) and Canadians second. I have some sympathy with that concern, because it erodes loyalty to Canada and Canada’s democratic institutions, and because it can wedge or divide Canadians from one another. Which is a violation both of the spirit and the letter of the Charter, among other things.

    The IGA and FATCA reinforces this hyphenated approach to Canadian citizenship and Canadian residency. It further erodes national unity, loyalty to the country, and further divides Canadians instead of uniting them. Which is contrary to what ALL the political parties (except the Bloc about whom I care not a damn) proclaim in their constitutions and party platforms. It is hypocrisy and cowardice in the face of US bullying. It is a sell-out of fellow Canadians and a further erosion of our national identity and sovereignty. It is unworthy of Canada, and it is unworthy of 2016 IMO.


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