Liberals Defend “Bully-Boy“ FATCA

Tim Harper of the Toronto Star counts some of the ways of How Liberal Privacy Campaign died with the election.

When the former Conservative government agreed to hand over private banking information of Canadians to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the Liberals led the growing chorus of indignation.

Their opposition started meekly but built. They tried to amend the law, which they portrayed as a loss of sovereignty and an unnecessary bow to American pressure. They accused Conservatives of breaching Canadians’ charter rights and unconstitutionally discriminating against Canadians based on their country of origin.

The opposition went to the top. Justin Trudeau said governments had to stand up for its citizens when foreign governments encroached on their rights.

Liberals became increasingly loud about the Stephen Harper government’s abuse of privacy.

Then they went silent. Then they were elected and now they defend the agreement they once vilified.

“I can`t begin to describe the sense of betrayal I feel.“

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