Liberal Response to NDP Pierre-Luc Dusseault Order Paper Questions

Pierre-Luc Dusseault’s Assistant provided me with the Liberal government’s response to Mr. Dusseault’s Order Paper Questions.

Here is the response in English.

Here is the response in French.

The response is signed by “Child of the Charter” Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould. The Charter Child avoided the questions around legal challenges. On the legal analysis, the Minister responded:

(t) The information requested is subject to solicitor-client privilege.

The Justice Minster does not respond to questions after (t)–including (y) What legal challenges does the government anticipate and (z) what measures are in place to ensure the security of record transfers to the IRS.

CORRECTION: Many apologies for my error. The Government did respond to the above questions. On question (y), the response was:

A lawsuit has been filed against the government by plaintiffs opposed to exchange of information. In view of this litigation, the government is not at liberty to provide further comment.

In addition, Mr. Dusseault’s Assistant advised me the Minister of National Revenue has not responded to Mr. Dusseault’s letter of February 1 asking what the Minister’s intentions are on FATCA. letter Mr. Dusseault sent to

So, there we have it folks. I think we can safely conclude from this that “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” does not include those of us who had the misfortune to be born in the U.S.–and that the “Child of the Charter” intends to fight us every step of the way on our Charter rights.

A Liberal Hypocrite is a Hypocrite is a Hypocrite.

3 thoughts on “Liberal Response to NDP Pierre-Luc Dusseault Order Paper Questions

  1. Lynne Swanson Post author

    Preston Manning says Justin Trudeau is the best Prime Minister the United States has ever had.

    That certainly explains why the Fibbing Libs place the “public interest” and “tax regime” of a foreign government above the rights of Canadians in their response:

    “…we must resign ourselves to the fact that we are faced with a requirement from the United States and that the requirement corresponds to the public interest of the United States, meaning the integrity of their tax regime.”

  2. Lynne Swanson Post author

    This week, the Liberal MP in the London Ontario riding next to mine, Peter Fragiskatos, spoke about Canadian citizenship in the House of Commons.

    In speaking to plans to repeal Bill C-24, here is some of what Mr. Fragiskatos (the son of immigrants) said:

    My constituents want all Canadians to be treated fairly and with a high level of respect. London, Ontario, was built on immigration, and many Londoners hold dual or multiple citizenship. These are extremely proud Canadians who value and respect this beautiful country. We have an obligation to be fair and respectful to them, as well…
    Canada is a country that prides itself on solid democratic principles and foundations and is an example for other nations. However, playing fast and loose with the definition of citizenship is a very slippery slope and inevitably calls into question our leadership in this area…
    By introducing this bill, we are taking concrete steps to return to a system where all citizens are treated equal, regardless of whether they are dual or multiple nationals. This is a commitment my party made before forming government, and we are following through now. This is a matter of principle and fundamental values for us. There should be one tier, only one tier, of Canadian citizenship…
    As we have emphasized, Canada’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is an essential, powerful, and ambitious approach to make Canada and the world a better and safer place.
    A Canadian is a Canadian, and that must never change.

    Mr. Fragiskatos also said, “it is especially an honour for me, as the son of immigrants, to be here today.”

    Hmm. I think if his parents had immigrated from the U.S., he would see things differently.

    My own Liberal MP refuses to meet with me. I told the person who sent this to me I will go with her to meet with Mr. Fragiskatos if she meets with him.


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