KPMG Tax Cheats Get Deal. We Get FATCAed

More hypocrisy and shady deals. So many I can’t keep up with them. Thanks to Tim for bringing the CBC Report on the sham deal for wealthy KPMG tax cheats to my attention.

A senior partner at KPMG introduced the country’s top tax enforcement officer before he gave a speech promising tough action on offshore tax cheats — even as the Canada Revenue Agency had learned the same accounting firm had set up a tax dodge for rich Canadians via the Isle of Man.

Elizabeth Thompson at iPolitics tweeted the following today:

CRA tried to cover it all up:

The CRA’s secret deal, leaked to CBC News in a brown envelope, demanded the KPMG clients never talk about it.

All the while, honest, law-abiding taxpaying Canadians get FATCAed by CRA, Finance Canada, the Privacy Commissioner, CCLa, the Cons, the Libs and compliance condors like KPMG!

2 thoughts on “KPMG Tax Cheats Get Deal. We Get FATCAed

  1. EmBee

    Yeah, how’s about negotiating some of that amnesty for US tainted CANADIAN citizens. It would be fantastic to get the exemption amendment into the Finance committee agenda. Good luck!

    BTW, I emailed Elizabeth Thompson to encourage her to write a follow-up article after the ETHI meeting but I think she always intended to anyway. I look forward to more of her articles.

  2. Lynne Swanson Post author

    The Opposition says the Libs are trying to shield the Revenue Minister from KPMG questions.

    In her article, Elizabeth Thompson reported there is a Finance Committee meeting on Thursday. So I checked to see if it conflicts with the ATI, Privacy and Ethics Committee timing.

    It is just after the ATI, Privacy and Ethics Committee where the Minister and the Privacy Commissioner have been called testify about the transfer of 155,000 records to IRS.

    But guess what the subject of the Finance Committee is! Amendments to the Income Tax Act!

    I immediately e-mailed Mr. Dusseault’s Assistant to see if it is possible to have “our” amendment to protect Canadian citizens from FATCA included in amending the Income Tax Act.

    I think the timing is probably too short and it would not likely pass, but I am continuing to advocate for it.

    Mr. Dusseault is not on the Finance Committee. BUT NDP MP Guy Caron is Vice-Chair. Mr. Caron was part of the Finance Committee during the meetings when FATCA was being discussed in 2014. He was not as vocal as Rankin and Cullen, but he spoke against FATCA and voted for the amendment.

    What do you think I will be doing first thing Wednesday morning?!?


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