“Just Ask Canada” About Eritrea & U.S. Taxation

It’s a heck of a lot easier to push around some small, impoverished African country than it is to stand up to the U.S. juggernaut.

Just ask Canada.

The above words are from Only Two Countries Do This Appalling Thing–and the U.S. is One of Them.

In the Ron Paul Liberty report, author Nick Giambruno writes:

Eritrea is hounded, ostracized, and sanctioned for using—according to the UN—“threats, harassment and intimidation” to “extort” taxes out of its citizens living abroad. You’d think someone would offer at least a peep of criticism for the only other country doing the same thing. But, if you listen for it, you’ll only hear the crickets chirping.

The author writes about Canada expelling the Eritrean Ambassador for trying to collect taxes. He also points out the blatant double standard:

It seems Canada doesn’t like foreign governments shaking down Canadian residents. That is, unless the foreign government is the United States.

Somehow I don’t expect the Canadian government to give any U.S. officials the boot… even though they regularly shake down far more Canadian residents for much more money.

Curiously, Canada’s reaction to the U.S. expat tax is the exact opposite of its reaction to Eritrea’s. Rather than taking action to prevent the U.S. government from harassing U.S. persons living in Canada, the Canadian government facilitates it by complying with the odious FATCA law—even though it contradicts Canadian law.

In comments, John Richardson says the bottom line is:

When it comes to the taxation of it’s citizens abroad:

To compare the United States to Eritrea, is actually an insult to the nation of Eritrea. The United States is far worse!

I had a conversation recently with a retired professional couple in my condo building. They have lived in Canada for 33 years. They told me the 2% tax is voluntary and they don’t object to paying it to support education and social programs in their home country. Very different than how the Canadian, American and other governments are portraying it.

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