John Richardson on CTV “Power Play” with Don Martin today


UPDATE:  The full interview segment with John is now available on the Isaac Brock Society YouTube channel  



John Richardson will be interviewed today by Don Martin on CTV’s Power Play.The show airs from 5:00 – 6:00 pm EDT. We expect his segment to be somewhere around the 5:30 pm mark. Please pass the word, particularly to those who may not appreciate the reality of this situation.

PODCAST (audio only)

View the video online need a Bell Media account

With thanks to our resident expert Deckard1138 for capturing, editing and posting this!

3 thoughts on “John Richardson on CTV “Power Play” with Don Martin today

  1. nobledreamer-Tricia Post author


    Dont’t know of you have ever been in this position…but the few times I have been interviewed like is kind of stuck based upon what is asked. And it goes so quickly it is nearly impossible to “direct” the conversation if you know what I mean. Especially with the reality of nerves!

    1. NorthernShrike

      You understand of course that I am not criticizing John. Just to note an aspect that does not get enough attention. Barrie McKenna, when he writes on this in the Globe, considers FATCA solely a matter of tax compliance.

  2. NorthernShrike

    I thank John, as always. But an important part of the story he left out was the penalties on unreported financial assets, which are meant to be disclosed through FATCA.


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