Is JT Wearing His FATCA Flip Flops for Canada Day?

Happy Canada Day Chief Liberal Flip Flopping Hypocrite Prime Minister Trudeau. Are you wearing your FATCA Flip Flops to celebrate your capitulation to a foreign government?

Liberal Hypocrisy must be stopped. Liberals must stop the dirty work. Liberals must stop this dangerous attack on our privacy and on Canada’s sovereignty. Liberals must stop this Charter violation. Liberals must stop their FATCA Flip Flopping hypocrisy.

There must be no second class Canadian citizens.

Because a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.

Many thanks to Deckard for his help in putting this video together!

6 thoughts on “Is JT Wearing His FATCA Flip Flops for Canada Day?

  1. Lynne Swanson Post author

    I took a gift to my MP to pass on to the Prime Minister today–custom flip flops.

  2. Somerfugl

    This is a very effective video. Seeing all the comments put together really has an impact and emphasizes the hypocrisy of the Liberals.

  3. EmBee

    Outstanding script, Blaze. Good work, Deckard. The Liberal flip-flop on FATCA is perfectly demonstrated in your video. It used to come naturally and joyously to me to wish people a Happy Canada Day but ever since this day in 2014 the words ring hollow. It will continue to be this way until EVERY Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. I longingly visualize red flip-flops being thrown at those hypocritical Liberals, just like Muntadhar al-Zaidi, the brave Iraqi journalist, threw his shoes at George Bush.

  4. Canadian Ginny

    Am I not a first class Canadian citizen considering that 49 years ago today, I gave birth to Canada’s Centennial Baby who received a silver commemorative medal and certificate from the Late Minister of Citizenship or some such title, the great Judy LaMarsh?

    Does it get more Canadian than that? I did my duty that day believe me, you flip floppers. Now, I and so many others don’t count as equals in Canada. You can talk incessantly about sunny days, Mr. Prime Minister, but all you offer to us is non stop stormy weather with no access to the shelter we deserve. See you in Court, soon.


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