“I’m Furious. I Feel Totally Betrayed”

“I’m furious. I feel totally betrayed” by the Liberals.

CRA quietly handed 155,000 banking records to IRS.

The iPolitics Reporter, Elizabeth Thompson, spoke to several people, including me. She tried to speak with the Minister of National Revenue, but Dianne LeBouthillier “was not available” (how convenient).

Elizabeth May continues to speak out against FATCA.

“It’s unconstitutional because it treats one class of Canadians differently than another class of Canadians…”

“Nobody moves to Canada to find a tax haven. We are not a place that people go to shelter taxes that they should ordinarily be paying.”

11 thoughts on ““I’m Furious. I Feel Totally Betrayed”

  1. Lynne Swanson Post author

    iPolitics reported that the Revenue minister abnd Privacy Commissioner have been summoned (or asked or invited or…) to appear before the Access to Information, Ethics and Privacy Committee.

    “I think it’s just a show.”

  2. OutragedCanadian

    It’s all more than a little frightening, and makes me want to pull the covers up over my head and pretend that there really aren’t any monsters out there.

    It’s a nightmare.

  3. Lynne Swanson Post author

    I spoke this afternoon with an information officer at the Privacy Comissioner’s Officer about getting a copy of the Privacy Commissioner’s recommendations and personal privacy impact assessment.

    It was very discouraging–but not surprising. I was told this type of report is “not made public.” I have the “options” of submitting an Access to Information request to either CRA or the Privacy Commissioner.

    Those agencies will decide if I can receive the report and how much information I may have.

    I was told I have the “right to ask how” government agencies “do business.” But the catch seems to be they get to decide if they will provide the information. how much of the information they will provide and how long they will take to provide it.

    On another issue, Elizabeth Thompson tweeted that she was told it would be over 700 days before an ATIP request she made to another Ministry is filled. So much for openess and transparency.

    I contacted Pierre-Luc Dusseault’s office. His Assistant said they will also submit a request. However, the information officer indicated to me MPs requests are not completed any faster than the public’s.

    So, how bizarre is this? Our private financial information can be passed to a foreign government without our consent. But recommendations about how that will happen “is not made public.” And the folks betraying us get to decide if we can or can’t see the recommendations about our privacy and rights.

    1. non-ups-aff

      When laws and governmental decisions are draconian and so is the way those are implemented* ,You can never expect a public transparency attached to those. Unsurprisingly, in US itself Fatca was legislated with no real analyzing and discussion before, not to mention a real public exposure before legislating.

      * one “especially” example: When banks freeze or close accounts of “USPs” who even, for different reasons, have no fair opportunity to get SSN. I would notice that only in 17 american embassies/consulates all over the world people can get SSN.

  4. non-ups-aff

    I wish CRA managers, bank managers and most of politicians to be sentenced like Quisling was done in Norway. Is there any precedent for betraying the sovereignty of Canada? In Israel the feeling of being betrayed is a well known one (Oslo agreements and so on), But i couldn’t think about a Canadian government doing so. I hope to continue my story next week.

    1. Lynne Swanson Post author

      We have never seen anything like this.  The constitutional lawyer who represents the plaintffs says this is unprecedented.

      Many of us believed Canada would never pass a law prevailing over all Canadian laws for a foreign government.  The implications should be terrifying to all Canadians.

      It is frightenig that most Canadians, most elected officials. the Privacy Commissioner, the Human Rights Commission, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the media do not care.

      I do not know a lot about what happens is Israel, but I am surprised it is happening there and in other countries. I do not understand how governments around the world can betray their citizens, sovereignty and autonomy for a foreign bully.

    2. non-ups-aff

      The media in Israel and all over the western world just presents Obama as the same moral degree of Lincoln, Parks, Luther King, etc. Just yesterday I read an Israeli leftist column (in Hebrew) which said that once per 80 years (in average) the Americans vote an extraordinary president (by the positive meaning, the columnist meant) and after Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt it’s now the turn of Obama (for his “decision” there would no more poverty in USA).

      Of course, what was written about Obama was very ridiculous article ( He also forgot the indifference of Roosevelt about the Jews in the holocaust). Only elect Americans (Joseph Farah, Glenn Beck, Janet Porter and some others ) knew to warn by time who Obama is really, while even most of Republicans voters called the elect people mentioned above “insane” .No other country, all over the history, has ever managed to violate the sovereignty of so many countries around the world as the obamian USA did. And it includes Russia and China.

      Anyway, in Israel – despite having relatively lots of “USPs” – the public awareness of Fatca and it’s effects is VERY LOW. But, as i said before, betrayals are not new in Israel. In Israel the surrenders to enemy countries and terror organization, who aspire to destruct Israel (PLO, Hamas, etc.) is a very lasting phenomenon………

    3. non-ups-aff

      One possible explanation for the unprecedented behavior of Canada and other countries is that they think “it’s just attached to USPs” and since “UPSs” are only 1 million out of 30 million Canadians and are small minority in every other country (in addition to their being obedient people, unlikely fundementalist Muslims immigrants), the parliament members, authorities, banks and so on just don’t care that a small and a quiet minority is smashed.

      That’s the same explanation as about what happened in the Jewish Holocaust during World War II, when only few Europeans did ANY effort to save Jews. Majority of people thought “it’s just happening to Jews, not to us”. So far, I have never heard about EVEN ONE banker in Israel who tried to revolt the draconian law. For the most, he says with an anguish “that’s the law”.

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