How Can Liberals Be So Careless with Privacy Rights?

Thank you NDP’s Peter Julian for calling the Fibbing Libs on their hypocrisy in the House of Commons last week.

Mr. Speaker, here is another Liberal broken promise.

The Conservatives signed a deal to implement FATCA and hand over private financial information of one million Canadians to the United States. During the campaign, the Liberals said that the deal violates privacy rights and may even be unconstitutional. However, now in government, the Liberals have handed over private information on more than 155,000 Canadians so far, without even understanding the impact.

How can the government be so careless with its promises and so careless with the privacy rights of up to one million Canadians?

The Minister of National Revenue replied in French.

Monsieur le Président, notre gouvernement prend très au sérieux la question de la protection de la vie privée. Nous continuerons à travailler avec les États-Unis pour veiller à ce que toutes les garanties de sécurité soient respectées.
Nous tenons à rappeler que nos deux pays ont une longue tradition de coopération fiscale et responsable qui remonte à 1942. Je voudrais rassurer les Canadiens. Tous les échanges d’information avec les États-Unis, en ce qui concerne le respect du droit à la vie privée en vigueur au Canada, sont cohérents.
Constituency Office

I don’t understand all of what she said, but I understand enough to know it is more hypocrisie.

As Ginny asked in an e-mail today:

Why does the Canadian Minister of National Revenue keep a little pink flashcard so as always to have the same answer handy?

Because that is what the CRA employees told her to say. It seems the Minister now works for the CRA employees instead of them working for her.

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