Hello Kate Young: Be a “Strong Voice”

Here is an e-mail I just sent to my Liberal MP for London West.

She has refused to meet with me since being elected.

Hello Kate.

I am again asking for a meeting to discuss FATCA with you. I again ask you to be a “strong voice” in Parliament for me and other Canadians impacted by this foreign bully law.

I am asking you to provide me with an update on whether you have asked Scott Brison or another Liberal MP to reintroduce the amendment I worked with Mr. Brison’s staff on and that he put forward.

When we spoke, you claimed you had not heard anyone say the Liberals had reversed their previous resistance on FATCA. I then forwarded you articles regarding the Liberal reversal and Garneau and Brison’s endorsement.

If you had any question about your party’s hypocritical reversal, you can find the exact position in testimony of the Minister of National Revenue. Diane LeBouthillier now falsely claims previous strong Liberal objection related to the process and lack of transparency.

You can read her weasel words in the transcript of the April 14 meeting of the Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics Committee.

Or you can watch the Minister’s betrayal of one million Canadians on ParlVu.

Not one of the comments Liberals previously made (attached again) relates to process, transparency or any of the other false claims the Minister made. I don’t know how Brison, Dubourg, Garneau, Trudeau, LeBouthillier and others live with themselves.

Oh wait. I do. Because Liberals clearly believe “A Canadian isn’t a Canadian isn’t a Canadian” when that patriotic Canadian was born in the U.S.

Will you look me in the eye and personally explain this hypocrisy to me? Will you tell me what you did or will do to be a “strong voice” for me?

Or will you just be another Liberal Hypocrite is a Hypocrite is a Hypocrite?

Lynne Swanson

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  1. Tim

    FWIW, It is at least a start. I have a few political things I am working on largely independent of ADCS that may and I emphasize may have some success during the fall and into the winter. In particular there may be another round of FATCA hearings before the Parliament Finance committee. Technically there is a clause in the FATCA agreement calling for it to be revised prior to December 31st 2016 in accordance with the “progress” the US makes on imposing its own reciprocal reporting requirements. I am hoping that as that date approaches we can get the media to start kicking up a stink. Unfortunately that is after the next transfer date on September 30th 2016.

    Just out of curiosity what flavor of ice cream did you get?

    1. Lynne Swanson Post author

      Vanilla.  Boring but the only flavour McDonald’s has.

      Is there anything I can do to help with the project you are working on?

      Perhaps we should all be advocating on the revision issue.  Right now the Lib Cons seem to be wiggling around on they arte stuck with the “deal” the Con Cons signed.  If we demand they get the “better deal” Brison talked about, they can’t make that same claim.

      However, I have no faith the Lib Cons will do anything–especially with Kate saying she is the only MP even talking about FATCA.

  2. Lynne Swanson Post author

    I met with Kate Young today. Native Canadian went with me.

    Kate assured me she is advocating for me on FATCA. She said my concern about FATCA “is not falling on deaf ears.” She is “letting it be known to a number of people.” She said “They are listening.”

    However, when I asked what the response has been, Kate said “I can’t tell you that.”

    Kate said “I don’t have anything to report.” Her Assistant said “There is no commitment to do anything right now.”

    Kate said “Right now, I’m the only person talking about it.” She suggested others contact their MPs and insist they do something.

    I told her we have done that and we are being ignored. Her Assistant said “How can anyone ignore you?” He said he has been very aware of my involvement since I testified at Finance Committee two years ago. That was a surprise because Kate was just elected in October.

    My impression was that the Prime Minister, Ministers of Justice, Finance, Revenue and others will not do anything.

    There certainly does not seem to be any plan or interest to change the Implementation Act to protect Canadians.

    1. EmBee

      @ Lynne and Native Canadian
      Thanks for meeting with Kate Young. You don’t sound very optimistic about any action being taken on FATCA so I guess our path is clear … it’s successful litigation or nothing. Apparently MPs have filed FATCA in the Disregard Drawer as they move on to the next attack on Canadian sovereignty and practise their bows and curtsies for the bully next door. 🙁

    2. Lynne Swanson Post author

      @EmBee:  “It’s Parliament not a group of 14-year-old girls having a private Justin Bieber concert.”

      Could have fooled me with Obama’s rapturous reception.

      Maybe our Parliamentarians confused the two Justins.

    3. Lynne Swanson Post author

      @EmBee:  I needed an ice cream cone after our meeting with Kate. (I don’t drink alcohol).

      Native treated me to a cone.

    4. EmBee

      @ Lynne
      Ice cream would be on my list of comfort foods too. Native Canadian is a gem of a friend, isn’t he. You are both treasures. Thanks so much for trying to break through the Liberal barrier. How did Kate react to your gift?

    5. Lynne Swanson Post author

      Kate reacted with a strained chuckle. She said “You have a sense of humour.”

      Unfortunately, there is nothing funny about any of this.

    6. Lynne Swanson Post author

      @EmBee Kate’s reaction was a strained chuckle.  She said “You have sense of humour.”

      Unfortunately, there is nothing funny about all of this.

  3. Lynne Swanson Post author

    I now have a meeting scheduled to meet with Kate Young for 30 minutes–on the Fourth of July!

    Kate’s Assistant said she is continuing to advocate for me and to discuss the amendment with her Liberal colleagues–including Scott Brison and Diane LeBouthillier.

    1. Pacifica777

      I wasn’t expecting this, as she seemed to be seriously avoiding meeting with you about this issue. Really good to hear you’ll be meeting with her – thanks for your persistence!

    2. badger

      Thank you Lynne for your persistence and grit. Funny how an elected MP can feel that it serves Canadian democracy to stonewall legitimate requests from a well informed constituent for a meeting to discuss an issue of such import as this one.

    3. Lynne Swanson Post author

      @Pacifica and Badger: I am not optimistic the meeting will make any difference but I want Kate (who I know personally) to look me in the eye and justify the Liberal flip flop.

      Kate and her Assistant do not believe a meeting will be “propductive” because Kate is very aware of my issues and she has nothing to report to me about what is happening.

      I have repeatedly said it is Kate’s role to be a “strong voice” for me in Ottawa–not just to report back to me about what the Liberals are or are not doing.

      I want to know specifically what she is doing to “advocate” for me.  I also want a direct answer about why the Fibbbing Libs won’t pass the amendment Scott Brison proposed in Opposition.

      It wil be an interesting Fourth of July!

    4. EmBee

      @ Lynne
      I hope your i2i meeting with Kate goes well. Do you think she is aware that Canadian citizens like our Bubblebustin can’t even find out what information has been passed from bank to CRA to IRS? Her request for information has been passed around like a hot potato. She just wants to know if what has been sent is accurate. Imagine the hassle for her if there isn’t a match between her FBAR and the FATCA report.

    5. badger

      Ironic date, the Fourth.

      Course nothing beats the Canada Day date when the FATCA IGA came into force. Betrayal of Canadians to the US – right on Canada’s birthday.

  4. Lynne Swanson Post author

    Kate’s Assistant called me and said she still will not meet with me because she has no information to report. It was a rather heated conversation.

    I followed up with this e-mail:

    Hello again Kate

    I just had a very aggravating conversation with Devon in your office. I understand you continue to be unwilling to meet with me because you have no new information about what the Liberals will do about FATCA.

    For some reason, you and your staff do not seem to understand that I don’t want you to just convey information to me from the Liberals. Rather, I ask that you be a “strong voice” for me with the Liberals–as the Prime Minister told MPs is their primary responsibility.

    “Regardless of the committees you’re on, the roles you have, regardless of party demands, and the partisanship that will continue to exist in this House … your one job, that you cannot ever forget, is to be a strong voice in service of the people who sent you here from your constituencies.”

    When we spoke, you advised you did not know what you could do. I asked you to request Scott Brison to reintroduce the amendment that he previously proposed to protect Canadian citizens and residents from a foreign government encroaching on their rights.

    Devon said Scott Brison is not the Minister of National Revenue. I am very aware of that.

    Have you asked either Mr. Brison or other Liberal Cabinet Ministers to introduce the amendment? (The answer is very simple. Yes or No.)

    If you have, what was the response? If they agreed, when will the amendment be introduced? If they did not agree, why are Liberals unwilling to protect Canadians when a foreign government is encroaching on their rights?

    If you have not advocated for the amendment, why have you failed to be a “strong voice” for me and other Canadians impacted by FATCA?

    Like you, Devon said he does not know that the Liberals have reversed their position on FATCA. I don’t understand how anyone could listen to Diane LeBouthillier testimony and conclude otherwise.

    In addition, I am attaching a copy of a letter from Bill Morneau to another Canadian. This seems a very clear indication the Liberals have reversed direction and are are prepared to sacrifice Canadian citizens, residents, rights, laws, constitution, Charter and sovereignty to a foreign government to protect the banks.

    Mr, Morneau continues the sham of declaring us “U.S. Persons.” We are Canadian citizens. Why is that so difficult to understand?

    The solution is simple. Please advocate among your colleagues to protect Canadians. Ensure the following amendment is introduced and passed:

    Despite any other provision of this Act or the Agreement, for all purposes related to the implementation of this Act and the Agreement, “US Person” and “Specified US Person” shall not include any person who is
    a) a Canadian citizen within the meaning of the Citizenship Act or permanent resident within the meaning of subsection 2 (1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act: and
    b) ordinarily resident in Canada

  5. Lynne Swanson Post author

    @Schubert: Sunny ways have turned to dark days for Canadians born in the U.S.

    Kate finally called me a few weeks ago after I sent a somewhat scathing e-mail and a few tweets to her. I also tweeted a local reporter that Kate was refusing to meet with me. Lo and behold, Kate called.

    In our strained conversation, she said she hadn’t responded earlier because she did not know what the Liberal position was on FATCA.

    I told her I wanted her to be a “strong voice” for my in Ottawa instead of waiting to learn what the Liberals would do.

    She was totally unaware Liberals had reversed their position. I told her about the articles in iPolitics that I had sent to her.

    Kate said she had not heard that Liberals had changed their earlier stance.

    Kate said she didn’t know what she could do.

    I replied “I know what you can do. You can advocate for Scott Brison to reintroduce the amendment to protect Canadian citizens and residents.”

    I have heard nothing further from Kate. I know Kate personally and am very disappointed in her.

    I am hoping posting and tweeting my e-mail to her may get a response. But I’m not optimistic.

    A Liberal Hypocrite is a Hypocrite is a Hypocrite. I think it’s in their DNA.

  6. schubert

    Best of luck getting any reply Lynne. I’ve sent at least half a dozen emails, maybe a dozen, to Catherine McKenna my MP and Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, on a variety of issues, and at first I got robo-replies assuring me she’d see my email and was interested in my views, lately I don’t even get robo-replies, and I’ve never had a reply that looked like anything other than a robo-reply. Paul Dewar my previous MP was infinitely more thoughtful and responsive to me, a constituent, and my emails have all been polite, encouraging of the present government, and usually referencing the previous government negatively for something they’ve started or done that needs to be un-done.

    This new government does not strike me as remotely responsive to constituents, I hope that’s a limited perspective and not more general. But the “sunny ways” hope for more openness and transparency is starting to look cloudy and dim.


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