Dear CRA: Please provide…

I submitted the following to CRA as a formal Access to Information Request:

Please provide records/statistics detailing information submitted to United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), U.S. Treasury or any other American agency, organization or individual in 2015 or in 2016 for the American Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) as follows (indicate the agency, organization or individual that received the information for the FATCA):


1. The number of individuals reported.

2. The number of individuals reported that were Canadian citizens.

3. The number of individuals reported that were permanent residents of Canada.

4. The number of individuals reported that were temporary residents of Canada.

5. The number with Canadian addresses.

6. The number with address in the U.S.

7. The number with addresses in other countries, and the name of those countries.

8. The number of individuals that were advised that their information was transferred.


9. The number of total accounts reported.

10. The number of bank accounts reported.

11. The number of credit unions reported.

12. The number of investment accounts reported.
a. The type of investment account.
b. The number of each type of investment account.

13. The number of insurance accounts.

14. The number of other types of accounts.
a. The type of investment account.
b. The number of each type of other account.

15. The number of accounts under $50,000 U.S.

16. The number of accounts between $50,000 and $1,000,000 U.S.

17. The number of accounts over $1,000,000 U.S.

18. The number of RRSP accounts.

19. The number of RESP accounts.

20. The number of RDSP accounts.

21. The number of TSFA accounts.

22. The number of accounts that were held jointly with non-U.S. person individuals – i.e. spouse, family member, business partner, other.
a. The number of each type of account.
b The relationship of each account holder to the “U.S. Persons”.

23. The number of accounts of organizations reported to IRS because a “U.S. Person” had signing authority, interest in or any other connection to the organization.
a. The number of business accounts.
b. The number of professional accounts, i.e. physician, lawyer or other professional practice accounts.
c. The number of charitable or non-profit organization accounts.
d. The number that were connected to other organizations, and the type of organization.

24. The agency, organization or individual the information was provided to.

25. The protection that was secured to ensure this information will not be provided to any other agency, organization or individual.

26. The protection that was secured to ensure information transmitted will not be subject to identity theft, fraud, other criminal activity or breach of privacy.


Provide records/statistics detailing information received by Canada from the United States as follows:

27. The number of records Canada received from the United States.

28. The number of individuals Canada received information about.

29. The number of individuals that live in Canada.

30. The number of individuals that live in the U.S.

31. The number of individuals that live in other countries.

32. The names of those countries.

33. The number of accounts Canada received information about.

a. The type of information that was in the records Canada received, i.e.:
Income from the accounts.
Account balances.
Total Assets
Transactions, deposits and withdrawals.
Account Numbers.
Social insurance numbers.
Other information (specify).

34. The type of information Canada received that was not provided in information provided by the U.S. prior to the FATCA Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA).

35. The date Canada received this information.

6 thoughts on “Dear CRA: Please provide…

  1. Lynne Swanson Post author

    As Badger posted in another thread, NDP MP Pierre-Luc Dusseault has now submitted these questions in an Order Paper.

    Because there are not 45 days of the House of Commons sitting before they break for the summer, CRA is not required to respond to him until Parliament reconvenes in September.

    Late last week, I received a letter from CRA, stating:

    An extension of up to 120 days beyond the 30-day statutory time limit will be required in order to process this request. We are applying this extension in accordance with paragraphs 9 (1) (a) and 9 (1) (b) of the Act since meeting the original time limit would unreasonably interfere with the Canada Revenue Agency’s operations and because consultations are necessary to comply with the request and they cannot be completed within the original time limit.

    That means CRA has delayed responding until August. I predict their response will be stonewalling, obfuscation and redacting.

    I may file a complaint about the delay with the Office of the Information Commissioner, but I’m not optimistic it will make any difference.

  2. badger

    Wonderful work on this @Blaze. Thank you. Appreciate all you do.
    Hope the CRA squirms even a little bit about its abuse of CANADIAN RESIDENT TAXPAYERS whose tax revenues it is wasting in its new role as the Canadian branch plant of the IRS and US Treasury.

    I noted that in the fallout re the Panama papers, the CRA was busy bragging about the money it had been given – ostensibly to tackle tax evasion (and avoidance?) in Canada, without mentioning whether/what part was designated to pay for FATCA and CRS implementation and defense.

    1. Lynne Swanson Post author

      @Badger Mr. Dusseault’s Assistant confirmed this morning that Mr. Dusseault will ask the questions in an Order Paper.

      i think the House is only in session for another five weeks.  So I don’t know if the answers will be provided before they break for the summer. (They are required to reply in 45 days) 


  3. Lynne Swanson Post author

    @Mr. A I originally submitted as questions. Then CRA advised a request cannot be in the form of a question. They revised the questions to this format and sent to me for my approval (At least they didn’t make me redo it or do a new submission!)

    I have since learned that an ATI request will only provide information already available. So if CRA has not yet compiled this data, they may not provide it.

    However, if an MP submits the questions in an Order Paper, they must respond in 45 days.

    Can you guess what my next step will be?


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