Many of you feel that all it takes to win our Canadian FATCA lawsuit will be for our litigators to argue the merits of the case — that the Liberal Government’s justification (U.S. economic sanction) for taking away your Charter rights and the sovereignty of your country is so obviously wrong — that the Federal Court Justice has no choice but to declare the Canada FATCA compliance law a violation of our Charter.

Our litigators, who have experience up to the Canadian Supreme Court level, feel that to give us the best chance of success, we need Canadian witnesses who will provide real-life examples of different FATCA harms.

None of us, including especially our International Supporters who have a stake in the Canadian litigation outcome, want our lawsuit to fail because we could not find the necessary witnesses in Canada.

You can help by being a Canadian Witness who has experienced emotional, social, employment, financial, or other harm caused by FATCA and who will describe your harm in an affidavit in Federal Court. Your affidavit and your name will be made public.

For example (just one of many examples): We are seeking a witness who has a reportable (non-RRSP) account >US$50,000 who has received a “FATCA letter” from the bank. The person might never have had any meaningful relationship with the United States other than being born in the U.S. Perhaps you are even a “border baby” living in Stanstead Quebec. You may have sought advice from a tax professional who advised you that the cost of IRS compliance (accountant costs, etc.) will be a significant portion of your assets — what you had planned to live on for your retirement. Like any human confronted with a vicious assault, you experienced emotional stress. Perhaps you now decided that you will not pay one Canadian penny to the tax consultant, U.S. IRS, or U.S. Department of State (to “renounce” what was imposed on you without your consent) because to do so would be unreasonable. Your emotions have now moved from “terror and tears” when you first discovered that Canada — your own country — actually passed a law that would turn you, a Canadian citizen, over to a foreign government, to the fullest appreciation that “I am a Canadian. Period.” — and you can now get through the day. You are ready to be a witness.

— If interested in being a Witness please contact me at I know that only a handful of people reading this post will volunteer to be a witness. Could those who will never volunteer please seek out others who might be willing to go public with their harm?

Could some of you who are experts in using social media ask for witnesses for our lawsuit? I can’t do this alone and Brock and Sandbox will reach only some readers. I am even considering asking for some donations from supporters willing to pay for an (expensive) ad requesting witnesses in a major Canadian newspaper. Please help make your litigation a success.

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