16 thoughts on “Brock is down…

    1. calgary411

      Thanks, Tom Alciere.

      I went into the site and into the administrative part which we weren’t able to do before. It still held so hope it is stable now.

  1. EmBee

    @ Tricia
    “We simply don’t know.” Well that’s a little worrisome. I hope the site content has been saved somehow. Is that what they call “mirroring”? I’m not computer savvy so all I can do is trust that Brock’s internet tech person(s) will get things up and running soon. Anyway thanks for keeping us posted … it helps.

  2. George

    Could someone give us a clue as to why Brock is not UP?

    “Brock is not UP” sounds much better than “Brock is Down.”

    1. badger

      Yes, absence makes the heart grow even fonder…..
      I realize how much I take for granted that IBS will be there when I finally get a chance to go online – whether day or night!

      I hope that people who haven’t donated to the ADCS lawsuit will be struck by how valuable IBS and ADCS are to people wherever they may be – All those affected by US Extraterritorial Citizenship/Status based taxation around the globe, and their families and fellow NON-US persons and NON-US taxpayers paying for the US free lunch.

  3. canoe

    I remembered your advice from a time before, Tricia, and googled “Is it just me” (or is the website down?). Yes, this time, it’s not just me. Good luck finding the problem and the solution!

  4. nobledreamer-Tricia Post author

    well guys, its now almost 11 pm EST. Brock has been down since approx 3:15 am. Never been this long….

  5. badger

    Thanks for the update Tricia, I had been trying. Had a turn at using the computer! Needed my Brocker fix along with my coffee!


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