16 thoughts on “Brock is down…

    • Thanks, Tom Alciere.

      I went into the site and into the administrative part which we weren’t able to do before. It still held so hope it is stable now.

  1. @ Tricia
    “We simply don’t know.” Well that’s a little worrisome. I hope the site content has been saved somehow. Is that what they call “mirroring”? I’m not computer savvy so all I can do is trust that Brock’s internet tech person(s) will get things up and running soon. Anyway thanks for keeping us posted … it helps.

    • Yes, absence makes the heart grow even fonder…..
      I realize how much I take for granted that IBS will be there when I finally get a chance to go online – whether day or night!

      I hope that people who haven’t donated to the ADCS lawsuit will be struck by how valuable IBS and ADCS are to people wherever they may be – All those affected by US Extraterritorial Citizenship/Status based taxation around the globe, and their families and fellow NON-US persons and NON-US taxpayers paying for the US free lunch.

  2. I remembered your advice from a time before, Tricia, and googled “Is it just me” (or is the website down?). Yes, this time, it’s not just me. Good luck finding the problem and the solution!

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