Brison, Garneau Endorse CRA Doing “Dirty Work” of FATCA

Elizabeth Thompson at iPolitics continues to puruse the Liberal hypocrisy on FATCA.

Elizabeth managed to get statements from Scptt Brison and Marc Garneau as they headed to a Cabinet meeting today. They are now rallying behind the minister of National Revenue.

Speaking on the way into a cabinet meeting Tuesday, Treasury Board President Scott Brison and Transport Minister Marc Garneau rallied behind the position adopted last week by Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier, supporting the deal struck under the Harper government that saw 155,000 Canadian banking records shared with the IRS last September.

Brison, who sharply criticized the deal and tried to have it amended when he was Liberal Finance Critic, said the Liberal government has to work with the agreement.

“The previous government negotiated with the Americans on this and we have certainly inherited the situation we have,” Brison told iPolitics.

“At the time, the previous government could have negotiated more effectively at that time. The question is where are we now and it is a difficult one necessarily to deal with retroactively.”

In 2014, Garneau accused the IRS of trying to get the Canada Revenue Agency to “do its dirty work” through the deal – a deal he now supports.

“I take the position that our government is taking now and has been expressed by the minister of revenue,” he said Tuesday.

I don’t know how these people live with themselves.

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