ADCS FATCA Lawsuit is One of 45,000 Against Canadian Government

Yikes! We are just one of 45,000 lawsuits against the Canadian government.

It’s estimated the results could cost the government hundreds of billions of dollars to settle.

That should make our lawsuit easy to settle. Ginny, Gwen and Kazia are not asking for money. They just want to be able to have the same banking and financial rights as all other Canadians.

The government’s response to all of these lawsuits? Form a new committee. Why am I not surprised?

3 thoughts on “ADCS FATCA Lawsuit is One of 45,000 Against Canadian Government

  1. NorthernShrike


    Thank you for sharing this.

    This connects with a topic that I have tried to watch, namely the Charter Challenges Program, defunded by the Conservatives, and now under review by the House Justice Committee. As you know, under this program, the Government of Canada has funded cases that explore the range and application of the Charter of Rights within Canadian law.

    I hope that this program will be restored on general principle, but also so that we could seek funding for any future appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. What I am reading is not encouraging. The Canadian Bar, for instance, recommends that the restored program give particular attention to the needs of the most vulnerable people, e.g. aboriginals, refugees, handicapped. I cannot argue with the logic, if it comes to access to scarce resources. (I think the program was formerly funded to the tune of $4 or $5 million.)

    I have no idea the nature of those 45,000 outstanding cases against the Government of Canada; the vast majority are probably for compensation of one kind or another. But supposing there are scores of Charter challenges, there will be a lot of competition for access.


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