More Liberal Hypocrisy

Here we go again.

First, it was Justin Trudeau. Today, Citizenship and Immigration Minister John McCallum proclaimed “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.

In announcing plans to repeal the Conservatives’ Bill C-24 that allowed revoking Canadian citizenship of terrorists and others, Mr. McCallum said:

“It is a question of principle,” McCallum told reporters Thursday. “We do not need an additional set of rules that would create two classes of citizen.”

“If one believes that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian … those principles must be applied universally.”

Hmm Mr. McCallum. FATCA is a question of principle too. And two classes of citizenship. And rights. And our loyalty. And the Charter. And sovereignty.

And Liberal betrayal. And Liberal hypocrisy.

4 thoughts on “More Liberal Hypocrisy

  1. Lynne Swanson Post author

    I don’t take much consolation from knowing we are not alone in being on the receiving end of Liberal hypocrisy. In Opposition, Liberals unanimously supported a motion on the “moral, social, legal and fiduciary obligation” to support injured veterans

    Now the Liberals say Ottawa owes no duty of care to veterans injured and disabled in service to this country. Instead the Fibbing Libs are fighting the veterans in court.

    The government says

    The principle of the “honour of the Crown,” which requires the government to act honourably during negotiations and upon which the veterans relied in making their case, applies only to agreements with aboriginal people.

    So that is the rationale for acting dishonourably with the ongoing Liberal hypocrisy. And why we should not be surprised that “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” does not include honourable Canadians born in the United States.


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