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CCLA Remains Mum on FATCA. “Silence speaks volumes”

On August 11, I sent the following e-mail to Sukanya Pillay, the Executive Director of Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA)

Subject: Canadian Baby and Businesses

Dear Sukanya

A Canadian baby and Canadian businesses are having their privacy and their rights violated by Canadian banks and the Canadian government for a foreign bully.

Baby girl drawn into CRA-IRS information sharing controversy

Baby Elle’s #FATCA Letter.

The FATCA Hunt Is On in Canada

Yet CCLA remains mum. The silence speaks volumes.

There has been no response.

As you know, I have been trying to work with CCLA since 2012. Initially they issued a statement about FATCA. Soon after that, Abby Deshman spoke at the CCLA Forum in December, 2 S012.

I had contact with Abby for three years. In March, 2015, Abby advised CCLA was “in the in the legal and policy research phase, and hope to complete that work in the near future. We will definitely let you know as soon as we can when we decide whether we are intervening in the case.”

You can read in that thread some of the communications I tried to have with Laura Berger (Abby’s replacement when she was on maternity leave) and Sukanya Pillay.

I again asked Sukanya Pillay in April of this year Will CCLA work with us?

No response. I then sent an e-mail to Abby on June 27. Although she is in a new job, she said she would try to get an upodate from Sukanya Pillay. I have not heard anything further from either Sukanya or Abby.

As Stephen Kish said when we were writing to the Finance Minister and others:

A non-response is a response.

We have our response from CCLA’s silence. Schubert was right.

ADCS FATCA Lawsuit is One of 45,000 Against Canadian Government

Yikes! We are just one of 45,000 lawsuits against the Canadian government.

It’s estimated the results could cost the government hundreds of billions of dollars to settle.

That should make our lawsuit easy to settle. Ginny, Gwen and Kazia are not asking for money. They just want to be able to have the same banking and financial rights as all other Canadians.

The government’s response to all of these lawsuits? Form a new committee. Why am I not surprised?

When it’s all said and done: All roads lead to renunciation

The bottom line is that Dr. Stephen Kish – Chair of the Alliance For The Defence of Canadian Sovereignty and plaintiff in the Bopp FATCA Lawsuit, has formally renounced U.S. citizenship. He performed this act in Iceland which is the final resting place of Robert James Fischer – one of the most famous and well known cases of U.S. citizenship relinquishment.

sk portrait

The FATCA Hunt Is On in Canada

Keith Redmond is reporting on Facebook that BMO has sent this FATCA letter to Canadian businesses. As Keith posted, this is truly alarming.

BMO Letter Page 1
BMO page 2

The letter requires forms to be completed or accounts will be reported to CRA to hand over to IRS.
BMO Form page1
BMO Form Page 2

Note: This includes accounts of “valued customer” closed after June 30, 2014. Keith is further reporting all Canadian banks will do the same.

Angel Beoughter confirmed TD sent the letter in January–and goes even further requiring reporting of persons who have the ability to direct funds:

Yes, Lynne Swanson…TD sent them out January 2016. I have personally handle the mail from the TD. It’s a little bit different in that it also asked for person or persons who also have the ability to direct funds. I was so happy that I am no longer an American citizen. I can go back to just being an ordinary boring book keeper instead of the big fish hiding money.

I don’t know if Canadian banks are sending letters to individuals where they do not already have a record of U.S. taint.