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Brison, Garneau Endorse CRA Doing “Dirty Work” of FATCA

Elizabeth Thompson at iPolitics continues to puruse the Liberal hypocrisy on FATCA.

Elizabeth managed to get statements from Scptt Brison and Marc Garneau as they headed to a Cabinet meeting today. They are now rallying behind the minister of National Revenue.

Speaking on the way into a cabinet meeting Tuesday, Treasury Board President Scott Brison and Transport Minister Marc Garneau rallied behind the position adopted last week by Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier, supporting the deal struck under the Harper government that saw 155,000 Canadian banking records shared with the IRS last September.

Brison, who sharply criticized the deal and tried to have it amended when he was Liberal Finance Critic, said the Liberal government has to work with the agreement.

“The previous government negotiated with the Americans on this and we have certainly inherited the situation we have,” Brison told iPolitics.

“At the time, the previous government could have negotiated more effectively at that time. The question is where are we now and it is a difficult one necessarily to deal with retroactively.”

In 2014, Garneau accused the IRS of trying to get the Canada Revenue Agency to “do its dirty work” through the deal – a deal he now supports.

“I take the position that our government is taking now and has been expressed by the minister of revenue,” he said Tuesday.

I don’t know how these people live with themselves.



We are ESPECIALLY seeking as witnesses Canadians, who the U.S. deems U.S. citizens, who have a “REPORTABLE” (e.g., non-RRSP) account > US $50,000 and who:

— are IRS non-compliant, have no meaningful ties to or history with the United States other than by birth or parentage, never relinquished U.S. citizenship, and have a FATCA reportable account;

— are IRS non-compliant, have a reportable account, and have assets >$US2,000,000 — and might have to pay an exit tax to renounce U.S. citizenship;

— have experienced severe emotional stress/marriage breakup/post-traumatic stress etc. because of the Canadian FATCA compliance law, preferably has a reportable account; and

— have experienced any other significant “FATCA” harm not mentioned above.

If you are interested in volunteering as a witness, please contact me at

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Trudeau Hypocrites Cop Out on FATCA

Trudeau and the other Fibbing Libs could not be bothered to respond to Canadian citizens directly.

They broke their silence to Elizabeth Thompson of iPolitics.

Trudeau Liberals reverse Position on FATCA

“Minister Lebouthillier wants to reassure Canadians that all exchanges of information are subject to strict confidentiality rules,” reads the e-mail sent by Lebouthillier’s office.

“The CRA ensures that tax cooperation with its foreign partners is done in a manner fully consistent with privacy rights in Canada. It is important to note that Canada and the United States have a long history of exchanging tax information in a fair and responsible manner, going back to 1942.”

“Canada is required by law to exchange certain specific information with the U.S. under the Intergovernmental Agreement between Canada and the U.S. signed on February 5, 2014.”

“The CRA exchanged information with the Internal Revenue Service on September 30, 2015, as required.”

Furious Lynne Swanson says:

“This is a despicable cop out,” she said. “The Conservatives surrendered Canadian citizens, laws, constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms and sovereignty to a foreign bully. The Liberals are now proudly waving the white flag.”

“How can the Minister and Prime Minister justify this after Justin Trudeau’s letter to me and all the Liberal comments made against FATCA?”

Allison Christians says:

“There have been story after story after story of hackers, phishers stealing data from the IRS, using it to defraud taxpayers in the United States. It’s a huge market, it’s a huge target and now Canada has willingly contributed the data of 155,000 accounts to that problem without any study whatsoever, without any public discussion.

Christians says the information sharing deal also gives the CRA access to banking information on Canadians that it would not normally be able to access without a court order.

“The CRA, for example, could not require blanket information requests from Canadian banks on Canadians under the Income Tax Act, it could not do that without the involvement of a judge. But that is exactly what FATCA requires and so the CRA is now, very quietly, collecting a lot of information that under the Income Tax Act would not have been possible on Canadians.”

“I’m Furious. I Feel Totally Betrayed”

“I’m furious. I feel totally betrayed” by the Liberals.

CRA quietly handed 155,000 banking records to IRS.

The iPolitics Reporter, Elizabeth Thompson, spoke to several people, including me. She tried to speak with the Minister of National Revenue, but Dianne LeBouthillier “was not available” (how convenient).

Elizabeth May continues to speak out against FATCA.

“It’s unconstitutional because it treats one class of Canadians differently than another class of Canadians…”

“Nobody moves to Canada to find a tax haven. We are not a place that people go to shelter taxes that they should ordinarily be paying.”