We need Witnesses for Canadian Charter Trial willing to file affidavits and go public

We want to move quickly on the Charter trial and are now seeking Witnesses.

Witnesses will provide affidavits describing the harm caused to them by the FATCA IGA enabling legislation and will, like Plaintiffs Ginny and Gwen, disclose their names publicly.

If you believe that you have the characteristics of a Canadian who has been somehow harmed by this FATCA legislation, are interested in helping out by becoming a Witness in our lawsuit, and are willing to have your affidavit statements and name go public, send me an email through our ADCS site.

If you are NOT willing to disclose your name publicly, please do not contact me about becoming a Witness.

usxcanada cautions: “The witness tactic amounts to sporting a bright red coat, standing upright in daylight, and properly lockstepping toward hostile muskets.” I don’t agree with the word “lockstepping” because it is unlikely that we will ever attract a sufficient body of Canadian Witnesses necessary to march together in close file — but the key point is correct — you need to assume that your Witness affidavit and name when made public will find its way to the U.S. IRS and to unpleasant people who will insist that you are not paying your fair share.

Without limiting ourselves to this category, we are especially seeking IRS non-compliant Canadians who have a reportable account, are likely to be turned over by their bank to CRA/IRS because they have a U.S. taint or have already been turned over, and because of their situation, would suffer significant harm (financial and other) if they decided to enter the United States IRS system. For example consider the situation of innocent Tina.

You might have a US taint and own a personal banking account or be responsible for a company, entity, or executor account. Perhaps you have have suffered medical or financial harm, or have had to change, with much difficulty, your behaviour (e.g., divorce, removal of name as Director or as signing authority on account) so as not to harm others in your family or company. You might be responsible as a guardian for a US person who has no possibility of escape. Chances are that most of you with U.S. taint reading this post are IRS non-compliant and refuse to become compliant to a foreign government, notwithstanding FATCA, a PR exercise of the U.S. IRS. The list of possible harms is endless.

We do not want to proceed with the Charter trial without the Witnesses we feel will give us the best chance of success in Federal Court.

We hope that out of the 1,000,000 plus Canadians affected by the FATCA IGA enabling legislation we are contesting — a handful, like Ginny and Gwen, will come forward, take that risk, and go public as Witnesses in our litigation.

Yes, we have a new Liberal Government, but that Canadian FATCA compliance law is still on the books.

It would really be a shame if our litigation were compromised because we could not find a few brave Canadians willing to confront publicly the Government that promises to do them harm.

2 thoughts on “We need Witnesses for Canadian Charter Trial willing to file affidavits and go public

  1. calgary411


    Thanks so much for putting your name forward as being a possible witness in the Canadian litigation. I have as well. Hope there are others who have discussed this with Stephen.

    As one Brocker tells me often, *Keep the Faith*. May we reach our goal in donations and witnesses in the new year.


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