An anonymous donor who contributed to the ADCS lawsuit sent me a long letter. It contained these words:

“I can feel the fatigue in our small team, but please forward my words of encouragement: We are the only ones fighting FATCA [‘…the most arrogant piece of illegal, immoral and evil overreach by any foreign — yes, America happens to be foreign to the rest of the world…’] and CBT and any injury we can do to it will crack it open and show how evil it is inside. If we stop, nobody will do it.”

He/she describes some of the harm:

“I also join a small testimony how all this affected my family.

My mother, the only one with a hint of a long faded American accent, is scared of talking in public. She hasn’t had access to a bank account in three years, she cannot be associated with any of our businesses and cannot even be named on any of the assets she should be entitled to. She has become a non-person and so would we if our very dirty secret was discovered. Because of the fear of her place of birth being noticed at the U.S. immigration, we missed the funerals of her four closest relatives, including her parents.

[Bold in original:] Let me repeat this: my mother wasn’t present at her parents’ funerals because she feared it might destroy the life of her husband and children!

…and the extreme anger:

“We used to be the best Ambassadors for America. We always found an excuse when the wretched country trampled human rights, invaded foreign countries, manipulated the markets, or just crashed the World economy. Now, we hate it with so much rage that we can’t ever forgive it. I personally swear never to go there again, never buy American again and systematically oppose the will of the US in my private life and professional and [xxxxx] careers. I would rather catch AIDS than ever have an American passport again.”


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