Ministerial Mandate Letter for Minister of Justice

Hazy has posted a link to the Ministerial Mandate Letter from Justin Trudeau to the Minister of Justice (who is one of the defendants in our lawsuit).

A few days ago, I had never heard of a Ministerial Mandate letter. Then Tim educated us. Many thanks to both Hazy and Tim.

I like this in Prime Minister Trudeau’s litter to Jody Wilson-Raybould:

If we want Canadians to trust their government, we need a government that trusts Canadians.

Even more, I like:

We will be a government that governs for all Canadians,

Most of all, I like:

As Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, your overarching goal will be to ensure our legislation meets the highest standards of equity, fairness and respect for the rule of law. I expect you to ensure that our initiatives respect the Constitution of Canada, court decisions, and are in keeping with our proudest legal traditions. You are expected to ensure that the rights of Canadians are protected, that our work demonstrates the greatest possible commitment to respecting the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and that our government seeks to fulfill our policy goals with the least interference with the rights and privacy of Canadians as possible.

And, as Hazy highlighted:

Review our litigation strategy. This should include early decisions to end appeals or positions that are not consistent with our commitments, the Charter or our values”

So, will the Liberal government trust us as Canadians? Will they govern for us? Will the Prime Minister, Justice Minister and Revenue “ensure the rights of Canadians are protected” from FATCA by “respecting the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?” Will the Minister review our case and end the government’s fight against us?

I hope so. But we have been betrayed so many times in the past, I will not let myself get my hopes up. Instead, I will continue to fight until we have a resolution.

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