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Some of you may be familiar with a group of expats who have come together to address the specific problems and issues of Accidental Americans. They are looking for stories to demonstrate the situations Accidentals find themselves in and do not require name, other identifying information, etc.
If you would like to contribute please send to:


You can follow what they are doing at their Facebook page :

and on Twitter


A couple of descriptions of what is happening:

Jude Ryan

September 9

Today I started a ‘virtual hunger strike‘ on behalf of all accidentals. How does this work? Well every day Isend an email to the White House’s webpage highlighting an injustice we suffer, an interesting development, etc. not sure when I will run out of ideas but I reckon I’ve got enough ammo for at least a month, if not longer. Please do share any items you would like me to use. Some day the White House will have to respond, all I need is one contact. Once I have a foothold I will continue the campaign until I get through to someone senior enough to provide sensible answers. I know some people don’t believe this will work however I am an optimist, plus there is no harm in trying.

Jude Ryan

November 11 at 9:01am · Singapore, Singapore

Hi everybody. I have a handful more stories to share and also some other ideas for posts but am always looking for more. If you would like to share you personal story as an Accidental with me so I can use this (anonymously) that would be great. Ideas for future posts also very welcome. Thanks!


As the moderators of the group are French,  I am sure all here would want to offer concern and support for the people of Paris after the horrible attacks that occurred  last night.   #JeSuisParis




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