Dear Mr. Dubourg: Stop CRA from FATCA “Dirty Work”

I just sent this e-mmail to Emmanuel Dubourg, who became the Parliamentary Secretary for National Revenue today.

Dear Mr. Dubourg:

CRA “will do the dirty work of transmitting (FATCA) information to the IRS…We are truly appalled by it because doing this kind of thing to assist the Americans is not appropriate.” (Emmanuel Dubourg, House of Commons, June 11, 2004 Update–should be 2014)

“The largest assault by the Conservatives against personal information came in the form of Bill C-31” for FATCA. “This breach of Canadian tax secrecy is dangerous..We must deny the Conservatives permission to allow the transmission of personal information without the authorization of a judge, under the pretense of combating tax evasion.” (Emmanuel Dubourg, National Post article An Attack On Our Privacy, June 4, 2014)

Congratulations on becoming Parliamentary Secretary for National Revenue.

What will you and the Minister of National Revenue now do to stop CRA from doing the “dirty work of transmitting (FATCA) information to the IRS?” You must stop this FATCA Attack On Our Privacy because–as you so clearly wrote in a national newspaper–“This breach of Canadian tax secrecy is dangerous.”

Lynne Swanson
(Telephone Number)

Emmanuel Dubourg has an MBA, is an accountant, was a university and CGEP teacher and worked for CRA for 20 years. He made strong comments against FATCA and wrote an article An Attack on Our Privacy for National Post.

I was hoping he would become Minister of National Revenue, but I’m glad he at least is Parliamentary Secretary for Revenue. He immigrated to Canada from Haiti in 1974, is fluently bilingual and represents a Quebec riding.

Thanks to Tim for bringing his appointment to his new position to my attention.

4 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Dubourg: Stop CRA from FATCA “Dirty Work”

  1. Lynne Swanson Post author

    I called Mr. Dubourg’s office several times today. Each time I got a busy signal.

    I didn’t know busy signals still existed in government or business offices because I am so used to “Your call is important to us” followed by a very long wait to talk to a real person.


    1. Lynne Swanson Post author

      Yikes!  Yes, I meant 2014. That was a typo.  Thanks for pointing it out. I can correct it here, but not in the e-mail that was sent yesterday.

      Good catch.  Many apologies.

  2. Stephen Kish

    How will the Liberal MPs, including the Prime Minister, respond to us when confronted with their clear pre-election words?


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