Canada’s New Justice Minister Is a “Child of the Charter”

Canada’s New Justce Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, believes in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Jody Wilson-RaybouldIn an interview on CBC’s Power and Politics yesterday, the Minister said:

Certainly I am a child of Charter of Rights and Freedoms and believe fundamentally in equality and the principles that are espoused within it and within our Constitution.

We have an enormous amount of work to do to look at and revist legislation that we have right now …ensure as we move forward that fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians are protected.

As Canadians, we are most optimistic when we live in a in a caring and compassionate society under a legal and political system that’s there to protect us. That’s the tremendous honour and opportunity we have to embrace that.

I won’t predict what that means to our case because we have been betrayed and disappointed too many times in the past. But, I hope it may be the beginning of a resolution.

4 thoughts on “Canada’s New Justice Minister Is a “Child of the Charter”

  1. Lynne Swanson Post author

    @NorthernShrike: You are correct. The Justice Minister is key to our case. It is the Minister of Justice and the Minister of National Revenue who are the defendants in our lawsuit.

    Thanks for that article. How intriguing that Harper’s battles with the courts have resulted in “a stronger rights charter and emboldened judges, with the Supreme Court more front-and centre than ever.” (including those SC judges appointed by Harper himself).

    @Schubert: Yep. Jody Wilson-Raybouldt is definitely aboriginal. In fact, she is a former Regional Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. She is also a former B.C. Treaty Commissioner and former crown prosecutor.

    National Post says the Distinguished Prosecutor and First Nations Leader Justice Minister is Something New.

    Plus, her father (also a lawyer and a “firebrand who helped push aboriginal issues into Canada’s constitution”) told Pierre Trudeau in 1983 she wanted to be Prime Minister. She was 11 then.

    Watch this absolutely amazing exchange between Two Dads. The end is the only time I remember ever seeing Pierre Trudeau speechless.

    Her grandmother gave her the name Puglaas, which means “born to noble people.” That is the name by which she is known in the aboriginal community. It is very fitting and is her Twitter handle.

    So, for those on Twitter, you can tweet @puglaas, our new Justice Minister.

  2. NorthernShrike

    Thank you, Lynne. I had not seen that particular quote. I agree with the comments made by all above.

    As I see it, Wilson-Raybould is the critical person for reversing FATCA implementation. She faces an acute decision when it comes to a legacy of Conservative legislation now being challenged on Charter grounds. Does she abandon the defence, push for repeal, defend to the best of government lawyers’ ability? These questions put her under much more pressure on this issue than Finance or Revenue. The challenge for us is to raise the profile of our issue to match the others, e.g. Bill C-24. I will have my letter off to her in a day or two.

    In this light, an article in the Globe & Mail may be of interest:

  3. Schubert

    I believe I read somewhere on CBC that the new Minister has aboriginal/First Nations ancestry. And is a lawyer. Which signals to me a true sensitivity to the Charter and to minority rights and protections in Canada. Which is good news, if the rest of Cabinet listens to her. Fingers crossed. Huge massive improvement over what we had in that portfolio during nine years of Harper.

    Go down the list of Trudeau’s cabinet appointments; they’re all impressive in ways that we never got from Harper. And, as one blogger noted on CBC, there isn’t a former pizza-delievery boy, used-car sales person, or clown among the lot of them. Enough said …

    Even though I usually vote NDP, did this time, and don’t usually trust the Liberals, I am truly impressed with Trudeau’s choices for his cabinet. Whatever it does or doesn’t mean for FATCA, for Canada this is huge and wonderful.

  4. calgary411

    Thanks, Lynne.

    There now is basis for some positive conversation with someone who truly believes in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.



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