11 thoughts on “Brock is Down

  1. EmBee

    Brock is down here today. I couldn’t get there by proxy so I’ve e-mailed Pacifica. It may be a case of having to be patient and wait for the block to resolve itself in a few days.

    1. Pacifica777

      Thanks, EmBee!   I’ve let our webmaster know.

      It appears that the site is down, not a problem on your end. I tried it from two ip addresses (mine and a proxy) and can’t get it to come up either.

      Good that you posted about it here, so other people will know it’s down, of course, and also I can’t access my e-mail while the site’s down.

    1. Danty

      I have not been able to connect to Isaac Brock since Dec. 1, yet all other sites are fine. Our internet provider say it is not their problem, Norton security say it’s not their problem and Linksys are providing us with a new router to see if that will correct the problem. Waiting for router to arrive. I live in B.C. – not sure if that means anything.

    2. EmBee

      Well that’s very curious … it’s been working fine here (southern Alberta). Hope the problem get’s resolved soon.

    3. Pacifica777

      It’s possible your ip address was accidentally blocked

      This can happen is if the server thinks a site is being attacked – eg, it’s getting bombarded with spam from one ip address — it automatically blocks that ip address.

      Sometimes, though, (depends on the server) a server may block a group of ip addresses. Say a spam attack is coming from ip address 461.200.154.65. A server might block all addresses starting with 461.200.154 and some innocent ip addresses get caught in the block.

      What you can do:

      (1) Our webmaster can see if your ip address is blocked and manually unblock it. To do this, you can email me at
      pacifica@isaacbrocksociety.ca and I’ll forward your ip address to our webmaster.

      To find out your ip address, go to http://whatismyipaddress.com/ip-lookup

      There is a box showing your ip address just under the second paragraph on that page.

      (2) If you do nothing, the block goes away automatically in a few days. Not sure how long, I don’t know much about servers.

      (3) To access Brock in the meantime, you could use a proxy site, such as http://myspace-unblocker.org/

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