Show them we are NOT “American citizens abiding here in Canada. Show them We Are Canadians!
Stop “Congress has spoken” for Canada’s Parliament. Vote! Votez!
I already voted. Together we can make a difference.
Vote Leaf

9 thoughts on “VOTE!

  1. CBC is forecasting a Liberal government but they are not yet able to say if it will be a Majority or Minority.
    Did I hear correctly? Mulcair is behind the Lib candidate in his own riding? (with only a small number of votes counted).
    We need to see if “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” when the Canadian was born in the US. Based on Trudeau’s position on FATCA to date, I am not optimistic.

  2. I have voted Liberal. After speaking with my local Liberal Candidate, Judy Higginbotham, for an hour about FATCA, this was the best way to go for me. I am not sure about Justin Trudeau, but my local candidate is very informed about FATCA. I even did some volunteer work for the Liberals in my riding. As my fellow volunteer refers to Stephen Harper as the “Prince of Darkness”, my gut told me to vote strategically to unseat the Conservatives. If Judy Higginbotham wins the South Surrey-White Rock BC riding, and I hope she does, I will continue to remain in touch about FATCA and related issues.

  3. CBC has declared a Liberal Majority.
    Some prominent NDP MPs who supported us were defeated by the Liberals.

  4. We need to hold the Liberal’s feet to the fire. Also, i believe Mr. “Congress has spoken” has retired from politics.

    1. Yes Mike Allen (“Congress has spoken”) did not run for reelection. Perhaps he saw the writing on the wall.  His riding elected a Liberal.

      Based on Trudeau’s wimpy stand on FATCA so far, I am not optimystic he will make any significant changes, but we need to begin the pressure anew.



  5. A quote from my husband today, “Harper woke up this morning with Muslim Nenshi as his city’s mayor, NDP Notley as his province’s Premier and now Liberal Trudeau as his country’s Prime Minister. Sounds like HIS worst nightmare.”

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