"Expedited" (Two Year) Treasury Request Filled (Sort of)

James Jatras at Repeal FATCA waited two years to receive an “expedited” response from U.S. Treasury to a Freedom of Information Request on FATCA IGAs.
Jim has not yet reviewed the 1164 pages of information (nor have Repeal FATCAI). He provides a link to the documents and says:

I rely on readers to review them and notify me at repealfatca@gmail.com and the interested public of anything of significance.

To some of us in an e-mail, Jim also said:

It would be good to have as many pairs of eyes as possible review these docs for anything that might be useful, particularly in the Canadian and US litigation. My guess is that most of it is fluff – maybe all of it— but perhaps something got in here that’s more telling than they supposed when they released it. As noted, I have not yet reviewed the docs. At this time, I do not plan to issue my own analysis.
Second, please report anything of interest – especially if perhaps helpful for (a) appeal of withholding of some docs or (b) our friends in Congress opposed to FATCA and the IGAs – to me. Also notify the larger community for their insights.

Two years “Expedited.” Really?
Actually, Jim did better than I did. I submitted a Freedom of Information request to U.S. State Department for some personal information in September of 2012. I’m still waiting after more than three years and many phone calls to them.

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