Green Party Promises to Repeal FATCA

At last, one of the parties has promised to repeal FATCA if elected.
The Green Party platformpledges:

We will repeal as unconstitutional the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). It essentially deprives any Canadian with US connections (even those short of dual citizenship) of full rights to privacy and treats them as a lesser Canadian.

In addition, the Green Party vows:

We will also repeal Bill C-24 which allows the minister of citizenship to revoke citizenship. Other threats to Canadians will be eliminated with the repeal of Bill C-51.

The Green Party says It’s Time to Restore Democracy. Amen.
Thanks to Tim for sending this to several of us.
I like what I see. Now if the Greens only had a chance of forming the government. At least we know Elizabeth May and the Greens are in our corner and still fighting for us.

2 thoughts on “Green Party Promises to Repeal FATCA

  1. Elizabeth May wrote an urgent letter to Stephen Harper urging him to stop the transfer of information for FATCA.
    She says:

    “The private banking information of hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizens and permanent residents is set to be transferred by Canada Revenue Agency to the IRS on September 23, 2015. This is unacceptable.

    “It is a breach of privacy and an attack on citizenship, sovereignty, and access to justice for the Canadian government to allow Canadian banks to send personal financial information of Canadian citizens to another country.
    “The IRS is receptive to extension requests and has already granted extensions to other countries.
    “I implore Mr. Harper to act now to protect the privacy of Canadian citizens.”

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