Disappointing Response from Privacy Commissioner

In my letter to the Privacy Commissioner on FATCA, I outlined issues and asked:

I am writing to ask what is your position on FATCA IGA and the enabling act. Do privacy laws prevail over this or does the enabling act supercede over PIPEDA and the Privacy Act? Is there any basis for a complaint to be made?

I also said:

I hope you will be as disturbed at the signing away the privacy rights of one million Canadians to a foreign government as I am. I hope you will be willing to work with me and others to provide redress.

The Privacy Commissioner did not respond himself. But the response from the Information Centre was very disappointing.

“In the interest of all parties, our office strongly encourages individuals to try to resolve concerns directly wtih organizations before filing a complaint with us…We would note that PIPEDA permits organizations to disclose individuals’ personal information required by law.”

In other words, this non-response says:

“Don’t bug us.”

UPDATE August 23: My reply to Privacy commissioner:

YOU are the Privacy Officer at the organization I am concerned about—the Government of Canada. Aren’t you?…
I am stunned the Privacy Commissioner of Canada who is “the person in charge of privacy” for the Government of Canada is not as alarmed as I am at the signing over the privacy of one million Canadians, their spouses and business partners to a foreign government.
I hope you will stand up for privacy rights of all Canadians as “the person in charge of privacy” for Canada.

2 thoughts on “Disappointing Response from Privacy Commissioner

  1. I contacted the Privacy Commissioner in BC regarding the trampling of privacy laws by FATCA, and they couldn’t drop the hot potato fast enough. “That’s a federal issue, nothing to do with us etc etc”. Shameful.

  2. Testing to see if this one of my comments makes it — and to say, Lynne Swanson and John Canuck, yes – SHAMEFUL.
    What is it — all who are supposed to represent the rights of Canada’s people cowards to touch this issue?

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