USA World's Largest Tax Haven Growing

The World’s Largest Tax Haven Is About to Get Bigger.
As the US is FATCAing the rest of the world, they themselves are growing as the world’s largest tax haven.
Mark Nestmann writes:

Here’s an “inconvenient truth” for President Obama and those in Congress who want to shut down what they call “offshore tax havens.” It’s this: The US is by far the world’s largest tax haven…
no one is surprised when you tell them that the world’s single largest tax haven is an island. But they are often shocked when you tell them the name of the island is Manhattan.
But Manhattan offers only the same tax advantages the entire US offers foreign investors. Now Congress wants to sweeten the deal.

It seems Boris Johnson should have invested in real estate in the US instead of in his home in Great Britain where he lives.
I don’t know why they can still boggle my mind. I should be used to it by now.

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