Today's The Day

It’s tough to stay calm. Today’s the day.
Today is finally Toay's The Dayour first day in court. Hopefully. If the judge does not grant the injunction that the feds will be seeking.
I have asked Stephen to update me. I will post the information I receive.
As most of us know, this is for the Summary Trial to deal with Income Tax Act and Income Tax Treaty issues. It is not to deal with constitutional or Charter issues. We do not have a date schedulded for that.
The fact Vancouver is three hours behind where I am and that they will not be in court until afternoon my time makes this even more nerve wracking!
I need to take my own advice. Stay calm.

1 thought on “Today's The Day

  1. My Internet server was down today so Ginny posted updates for me in the Need Money thread.
    I have not heard from Stephen, but Ginny is getting updates from Gwen so she has agreed to do more updates about the trial in that thread.

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