Accidental American Writes to Obama

An Accidental American in France has written a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama lawyer to lawyer pleading for Accidentals to be freed from unwanted U.S. citizenship.
His letter was posted (with personal identifying information removed) by Keith Redmond on Facebook.
The story is all to familiar to us. It continues to boggle my mind how U.S. legislators can read these and continue to FATCA the world.

2 thoughts on “Accidental American Writes to Obama

  1. This quite long and detailed letter covers all of the issues that are affecting accidental Americans, but also thousands of dual citizens, who have lived most of their lives outside of the United States, paying their taxes to the countries where they reside and use services. The U.S. sees it all differently. They see millions of individuals in non compliance from whom they can extort money with little risk or political consequences. After all, these accidental Americans don’t vote, have no representation and their anger and despair is far from the eyes and ears of the U.S. media, who have no interest anyway. U.S. homelanders have no sympathy for expats, nor anything foreign and it’s easy to paint all accidental Americans, along with dual citizens abroad together with tax cheats and suspicious characters.yes, that sadly us the American mindset and I’m sorry to say that it won’t change for many decades. Since the U.S. is not concerned with the welfare of its citizens who live abroad, if they can extort them without risk or blowback that is just fine. I can be sure that the French gentleman’s letter and valid pleas to Obama will fall on deaf ears and nothing will be done.
    Is this how a great nation would treat innocent people, whose only “crime” was having the misfortune of being born in the U.S.A.? Certainly not. The best thing is to renounce as soon as possible, as it will only get worse in the future.

  2. @Walter: I agree it will fall on deaf ears–just like every other submission made to American, Canadian and other governments around the world have.
    The Fat Cat Criminal lie has overtaken all fairness and reason.

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