Making Citizenship-Based Taxation Reform Easy

Making Citizenship-Based Taxation Easy by Lynne Swanson in Tax Connections features the proposal by Shadow Raider which we previously posted as Brilliant Proposal for Elimination of CBT.
Heitor David Pinto wants to “make it easy” for Congress to move from citizenship-based taxation (CBT) to residence-based taxation (RBT).
Pinto thinks CBT is “absurd.” And he aims to help Congress change it.
“So Many Problems”:

CBT “creates so many problems for a lot of people for no good reason,” insists Pinto.

Connecting with Americans around the world through social networking, Pinto went to work. With no accounting or law background, the electrical engineer studied the massive IRS Tax Code and CBT history evenings and weekend. “It’s what I do in my spare time,” explains Pinto.

Pinto concludes there is no justification for CBT and makes concrete recommendations to “make it easy” for Congress to change to RBT.
Tax Connections adviised me they will include this in their “big blast” tomorrow of the top ten posts for the week. I sure hope someone in Congress sees it and listens.

2 thoughts on “Making Citizenship-Based Taxation Reform Easy

  1. Lynne.
    Thanks for efforts you have made to write and get published several articles lately.
    I enjoyed reading more details on Heitor, better known to us as “Shadow Raider”. For a long time I was convinced he was an international law student at Georgetown or some other D.C. area law school. It amazing that he’is actually an engineer who studies the U.S. tax code in his spare time.
    I know we all appreciate his efforts on CBT.

  2. @Hazy. It had intrigued me that Shadow Raider was putting so much time and energy into this issue when he is not even directly affected by it.
    It blew my mind when he told me that he is an engineer and I learned he has no law or accounting training. He was vey humble and low key in our conversation. He says this is how he spends his spare time. In view of the immense amount of work he has done, I don’ think he has much time for anything else.

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