Letter From Ginny. Please Help with FATCA Lawsuit Funding

Ginny and Gwen, who are risking so much for all of us, need our help.
We are getting close to the May 1 deadline for the next payment to our legal team. We still need more than $35,000.
Ginny has written a letter to supporters. Here is what Ginny says:

April 22, 2015
Dear Supporters,
Gwen and I have always been so appreciative, and overwhelmed by the many donations to our lawsuit from Canada and other donors around the world. Much has been asked of donors and they have so generously responded.
We are clearly up against a government determined to wear us down by a profusion of several thousands of documents and other delays that our legal team has to deal with. We know there are many people that the United States Government considers off-shore tax cheats. Neither Gwen nor I, nor any of you who live outside of the US are those cheats.
We are appealing to those of you who have never donated to this very important lawsuit to join in supporting us, and our team, to ensure that our small voices will be heard as we take on this precedent-setting lawsuit against our government, which has so callously disregarded our Charter and privacy Rights and those of our families.
If you have already given, Gwen and I are so grateful and hope you will be able to continue to support us.
You can help Gwen and I to stand for all of you who are equally affected. We are all in this together, but we need your support. It always strikes me that if we could receive even $1 from just the US citizens living in Canada, who are caught up in this ever-expanding net cast by the US government, this lawsuit would be fully funded.
We need your financial support and humbly ask for it now. You can make a difference through your donations.
We can, and will, do this together with your help.

Please help Ginny and Gwen with your donations to ADCS.
Please help us make the next installment, due on May 1, to our very skilled constitutional lawyer Joseph Arvay by donating now to the Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty.

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