Go Purple for Ginny and Gwen

Ginny and Gwen need us to Go Purple for them.
As Stephen posted in the fund raising thread, Embee has a great suggestion for all of us:

“I was looking at a ten dollar bill this Ten Dollarsmorning — a rather pretty thing with our first PM on the frontside (who is now rolling in anguish in his grave at the antics of our current PM) and with the “Canadian/Le Canadien” train winding its way through some beautiful mountain scenery on the backside.
Then I got thinking about inflation (we’ve all noticed it happening I’m sure) and how little a dollar/loonie buys these days BUT ten dollars will still buy two people a light lunch at Tim Hortons, so that’s something at least.
It would be lovely for me to be able to treat Ginny and Gwen to a light lunch at Tim Hortons someday but I know that right now what they really want (as do all of us) is to see the Sovereignty Thermometer start rising.
IF I CAN SEE JUST 9 other Brocker/Sandboxer Canadians post, in this thread, that they are IN FOR TEN TOO I will put my pretty ten dollar bill in the mail today.
Ten dollars may seem like a small amount, but 10 tens make a hundred and (I hope this is not just wishful thinking) 100 tens make a thousand.
This is the return address I will use for my 10-4-2 or Ten Dollars for Two Brave Plaintiffs donation:
PO Box 1042
My Town’s name, My Province’s Code
My Postal Code
This is the address I will send my 10-4-2 donation to:
Attention: Stephen Kish
283 College Street
PO Box 67678
Toronto, ON
M5T 3M1
So is anyone else IN FOR TEN TOO?”

EmBee is right about Sir John A MacDonald. This is what he said a long time ago and what he would likely say today:

If I had influence over the minds of the people of Canada, any power over their intellect, I would leave them this legacy: ‘Whatever you do, adhere to the Union. We are a great country, and shall become one of the greatest in the universe if we preserve it; we shall sink into insignificance and adversity if we suffer it to be broken.’

Don`t let Canada sink into insignificance against the U.S. Do it for Sir John A. Do it for EmBee. Do it for Ginny and Gwen.
Do it to help Canada remain one of the greatest countries in the universe.
I know many people have already given lots. Some have given nothing. Can we all dig into our wallets and get those purple bills in the mail? (Other denominations, other currencies, cheques and PayPal are welcome too!)
Help fund the world’s first FATCA lawsuit.
Purple is my favourite colour. Post your Purples Now!
I’m in for Ten. Are You?

8 thoughts on “Go Purple for Ginny and Gwen

  1. As I was posting this thread, EmBee posted this over at Brock:
    @EmBee says:

    @ All, I hope I helped to make yesterday (Saturdays are often slow days at Brock) a bit more interesting with Ten For Two but I really have to be more serious today.

    If a significant amount in donations does not come in on Monday, the ADCS fund will need $3000 per day to reach the May 1st goal.
    That’s asking too much of the regular donors so I would like to strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t contributed yet to send it whatever you are able to spare.

    It can be done anonymously and the ADCS team knows and respects how important that is to many who read here.

    @EmBee: I do not know what we would do without you and your ongoing dedication, determination, contributions and cheerleading.

    1. This is a pleasant image … Stephen Kish carrying a basket full of purple bills to the bank to deposit into the ADCS fund. Wishful thinking, I know. However I got curious last night (after you mentioned purple propelling red) and discovered a lot of countries use purple notes — Brazil 5, Bermuda 5, UK 20, Switzerland 20, India 50 and so on. Here’s a whopper … Euro 500! However our Canadian 10 is just the right amount for slipping into an envelope without fretting about mail delivery failure. (I’ve experienced mail delivery failure so it’s something I have in the back of my mind.)

  2. @EmBee: We need a HUGE basket of those purple bills –bigger than Stephen could carry.
    But 100 of the Euro variety would get us to the May 1 goal much quicker.
    For that amount, a bank draft or money order, cheque, PayPal or electronic transfer would be much safer than cash.
    NOTE: We also accept plain old green from the U.S.

  3. I am in for 20 of those purple beauties. Tax refund of money I over paid and happy to send along.

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