Residents of Stanstead Quebec Wake up to Their OMG Moment

This past Monday a radio interview (in English) on CBC Radio Quebec aired; seemingly an an introduction to FATCA for this little town right on the border with Vermont. One can clearly hear the fear and confusion in some of the residents interviewed, including the mayor.

While some of the information is not quite accurate, the situation they face is something we understand all too well. The CBC is interested in comments, which gives us a chance to reach out to fellow Canadians in Quebec who are afflicted with this problem.
Phone: 1 888 691 3476
You can see some of the comments on their Facebook page:

John Richardson was interviewed as well and has offered some thoughts for them to consider:

We have had virtually no contact with anyone in Quebec other than a few via Info Sessions in Montreal/at McGill last year.Please consider commenting at Facebook, tweeting and doing whatever you can to reach out to get this message across. And please don’t forget to mention the ADCS-ADSC lawsuit! Thanks!

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  1. Hi Lynne,
    This happened because I posted before the broadcast had it’s own page. On the original link, if you go to the third option (and strangely today, also the fourth option)in the “Listen” box, with the “2015 Tax Season…” title, you get the same broadcast.
    If you get the country singer, it is because of clicking on the first option in the “Listen” box.
    The other problem is, that link comes from a tweet. I cannot update it directly here, without deleting the tweet and reposting. That said, if it is a problem I will delete the tweet and repost….Thanks for letting me know!

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