Another Win for Arvay. Another Loss for Harper

ArvayJoe Arvay has done it again. He has won another controversial case before the Supreme Court of Canada.
In a UNANIMOUS decision today, Canadians have the right to a doctor-assisted suicide, Supreme Court rules.
This case is emotional and polarizing. Both despair and joy greet this decision.
I am posting it as an example of the skills of Joe Arvay to win tough cases. In Civil Warrior, Peter Hogg, Canada’s leading constitutional law scholar, Peter Hogg coomented about Joe’s accomplishment on a case involving labour rights:

“I was astonished when that case came out. I doubt that anyone but Joe could have persuaded the court that they had been getting it consistently wrong for twenty years.”

This case is even more astonishing. On a far more challenging issue, Joe Arvay again convinced the Supreme Court to change their mind on a 20 year old decision. The fact the decision was unanimous is huge, especially seeing that some of the Supreme Court judges are Harper appointees.
That means we are in excellent hands with the Ginny and Gwen’s lawsuit.
In Tilting at Windmills article, Joe said:

“The government’s opposition to paying costs isn’t really about any floodgate concern. It’s just trying to do whatever they can to deter Charter litigation.”

That is exactly what the government is trying to do to us. They are fighting us with our own tax dollars and trying to deter us and stop us from succeeding. That is why it is so important to donate to our lawsuit. Don’t let them deter Ginny, Gwen and the rest of us. Donate now!

5 thoughts on “Another Win for Arvay. Another Loss for Harper

  1. Note the comment Joe Arvay made on As It Happens on CBC Radio concerning the Supreme Court decision.

    “The Supreme Court of Canada deserves tremendous, tremendous accolades for the courage of its decision because this court recognizes that the court is the bastion that protects the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians particularly when Parliament fails or refuses to do so and that’s what it did here.”

    Joe Arvay is now trying to convince the courts to be the bastion to protect our fundamental rights as Canadians when Parliament failed and refused to do so. Please donate to make that happen.

  2. I am glad to see that we have someone like Mr. Arvay to stand up for our fundamental rights and freedoms when Parliament does not. It is outstanding that the Supreme Court of Canada came out with a unanimous decision in support of his last case.

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