Top Story on CBC News national website about FATCA

In case you haven’t already heard of or seen this, CBC today has published an excellent article about Carol Tapanila’s fight on her disabled son’s behalf against FATCA and the IRS pirates

I’ve already written to Tom Mulcair, Murray Rankin (NDP National Revenue critic), and my MP Paul Dewar (NDP Foreign Affairs critic) with this link, in case they missed it, calling again for them to fight against any attempt by our government to toss any Canadian or his/her financial privacy under an IRS bus.

I urge all of you reading this in Canada similarly to forward this link to your own MP and his/her party leader, with appropriate comments. We have to make it politically impossible for Flaherty to sign an IGA, and this story I think will go a long way in that regard. Particularly once we start to hear what the government has to say in response to Brison’s and Hsu’s questions on the Order Paper about what consultations and research the government has or hasn’t done about FATCA, due as soon as parliament resumes later this month.

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I’ve had a CLN (Certificate of Loss of Nationality of the United States) since 1976, quite by accident (DOS mailed me one after I wrote a long anti-US letter to Henry Kissinger on July 4, 1976, telling him I’d become a Canadian citizen several months earlier and why, then confirming on a form I got in the mail that I had done so willingly – duh! – and with the intent of relinquishing my US citizenship). I filed the CLN away and forgot about it until August 2011 when I first heard about FATCA and FBAR and realized I needed to find the proof I am not an American in spite of my birthplace. My wife, who came to Canada with her ex before I did and also became a Canadian citizen, believed she’d thereby lost her US citizenship but didn’t write Kissinger, didn’t know anything about CLNs or the need to get one (nor did I at the time), and applied for a relinquishment CLN a few months ago. Until August 29, 2012, we were waiting to get her CLN, and it has been in her interests that I’m monitoring and occasionally participating in this and the IBS website. However, joy of joys, wonder of wonders, my wife’s CLN arrived in the mail on that date, so now we both have CLNs. I will continue to monitor and contribute to this website as I have time and when I think I have something constructive to add, but after 12 months of Hell we’re going to get our sanity and lives back, and that means a prolonged vacation from anything related to CLNs, IRS, FATCA, or any other such crap, unless it rears its head and threatens Canada and Canadians to the point where I have to come out of my corner fighting again …

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  1. Schubert

    It shouldn’t hurt to write to Flaherty and Harper as well; they need to get the message that an IGA will be political poison for them and their party in the next election, at least among about a million of us. I can’t believe that millions more Canadians won’t also be equally appalled and vote accordingly, if our government rolls over and lets the US loot and rob our fellow citizens and residents who live, work, earn, save and pay taxes in Canada for government services they only receive from Canadian governments (at all levels) and not diddly-squat from our imperialist southern “neighbour.”


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