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Before you rush to an accountant or lawyer in a panic, if you are close to any of these locations, check out one of these information sessions on Solving the Problem of U.S. Citizenship: Solve Problem












  • Toronto, ON U.S. Citizenship & Young Adults: Navigating The Special Rules Imposed On U.S.Citizens Abroad Sat, June 7, 10 am to 12 noon, Univ of Toronto, St. Michael’s College, Carr Hall, 100 St. Joseph St, MAP NB: $20 individual or $40 for a family of up to four people

Who: John Richardson

$20 donation to offset costs-payable at the door

The recent CBC coverage of FATCA and U.S. extraterritorial taxation has raised awareness/concern over the plight of Canadian citizens of U.S. origin. Those who are learning about this for the first time (the OMG moment) will be experiencing a combination of shock, fear, betrayal and more. There will be lots of people interested in understanding the situation and determining whether and/or how to respond.

The following comment appeared on the blog:

Looks like the recent media coverage is creating mass panic in Canada. This might force the Canadian government to issue a statement sooner rather than later. This is good. But I feel bad for the people who are just having their OMG moment. They need some sound advice as to not to make bad decisions which would devastate them financially. While each situation is different, the Canadian government owes it to affected Canadians to provide some guidance and advice and fast. It needs to be official cannot just come from web sites like IBS or Maple Sandbox. Maybe the administrators should add some notes like they can’t be held responsible for actions that people take by following advice on these blogs. This is common sense, but might protect you from lawsuits.

We agree! The important thing it to stay calm! Do NOT panic! Do not react to this situation! Take your time to make the decisions that are appropriate to your situation! Above all else, do NOT even consider entering the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program or any other kind of disclosure program unless you are certain that it is right for you (which it almost certainly is NOT)!

Obviously NO blog or web site can provide reliable legal advice. No seminar for the general public can provide reliable legal advice! Your job is simply to begin gathering information and beginning to understand the new reality of U.S. citizenship.

What follows are a list of “Solving The Problems of U.S. Citizenship” information sessions that you can attend, for a nominal fee and anonymously! The sessions are NOT intended to provide legal advice. But, they are intended to help you identify the issues that may apply to your situation.

Do NOT engage the services of an accountant or lawyer before equipping yourself with some basic knowledge!

Solving The Problems of U.S. Citizenship – Exploratory Sessions

The topics covered are designed to alert you to issues and are NOT offered as legal or accounting advice specific to your situation.

They include:

Citizenship Issues:

– Are you STILL a U.S. citizen?

– Are your children U.S. citizens?

– What might FATCA mean for me?

Tax Issues

– Filing U.S. tax returns – what’s involved?

– Filing information returns (FBAR, Form 3520, 5471, etc.)

– Reasonable cause (avoiding penalties)

Financial Planning Issues

– investment products that are cancerous for U.S. citizens

Does it make sense to renounce U.S. citizenship?

– Renouncing U.S. citizenship

35 thoughts on “Solving Problem of U.S. Citizenship Information Sessions

  1. ArcticGrayling

    @ Blaze….

    The article in the Edmonton Journal is just a rehash of information we have heard before. There is nothing new there.

    The media in general seems to fear taking any editorial stance that would make the American government, and therefore its head, look bad. The Canadian media was not shy about editorializing against Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, and either of the Bushes, but so far Obama appears to be a protected species.

    Apparently our editorial writers dare not criticize the anointed one. Where are the likes of the CBC and the Fraser Institute on all of this?

  2. calgary411

    …and in the Calgary Herald.


    Thanks for the link, BC_Doc.

    Your question:

    Will the Harper government agree to similar “lawful requests” for financial information on “Chinese-Canadians” by Bejing?

    ties in nicely with

    This will set a precedent that the rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms be waived for a segment of Canadian society. They will be second-class Canadians to any other, no matter the first-class Canadian’s national origin or the national origin of their parents / grandparents. Who will then be the next country able to bring their law into Canada to search for Canadians of another national origin?

    My hope is that this gets in front of every Canadian person who will decide such action is absurd and wrong and join us in the Canadian Charter Challenge to either stop or reverse implementation of the US FATCA IGA law in Canada. I hope that others will agree that implementation of the FATCA IGA could be buried in Bill C-31 omnibus bill without debating on its own merits and with the citizens of Canada is appalling.

    Should Canada remain a SOVEREIGN nation with a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that mean the same for all Canadians?


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