Moodys Gartner Thinks We Are “Inflammatory” on FATCA

Kim G.C. Moody of Moodys Gartner Tax Law (home of Roy Berg) thinks our opinions and voices are “inaccurate,” “incomplete” and “inflammatory.”

In FATCA A Canadian Perspective, Mr. Moody writes:

In today’s day and age, anyone with a microphone and access to the Internet can provide their opinion, and while free and open democracies need freedom of speech in order to function, sometimes the loudest opinions are inaccurate, incomplete and, in the FATCA world, inflammatory.

The Chief Jingo of Canada is proud to say she has never met a microphone she hasn’t loved and uses it to promote the accurate adn complete story behind FATCA.

Mr. Moody concedes:

One group who may feel blindsided by citizenship taxation laws are “accidental Americans.”

His solution:   Renounce–even though he admits how difficult that is.

Of course, Mr. Moody wants us to all become complaint. How to do that?  Come to Moodys Gartner

Mr. Moody does get one thing right.

FATCA is not going away and, instead, it appears as if the wildfire is spreading fast.

On the topic of those pesky little details like Canada’s privacy laws, the Charter and sovereignty, Mr. Moody says

I am simply a tax practitioner…

Hmmm.  Roy Berg used the word mugger in another recent article. Oh wait. Is that “inflammatory?”


19 thoughts on “Moodys Gartner Thinks We Are “Inflammatory” on FATCA

  1. ArcticGrayling

    There has been nothing inflammatory in here that Mr Berg could take issue with.

    If he is really and truly looking for something, I can oblige him.

  2. Deckard1138

    From Moodys ad for the Calgary renunciation seminar:
    “In July 2014, the US’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) will begin to go into effect, and at that time it will become increasingly difficult to renounce US citizenship for the “right reasons” and thereby avoid any negative consequences. All evidence suggests that now may be the time to consider renouncing US citizenship.”

    Hmm, I count 12 days after this seminar until FATCA kicks-in and all the badness ensues. Must be year-end bonus time at Moodys.

  3. Pastbeyond60

    I guess I was just looking at the court upholding the FBAR rule and the excessive penalties and what this might mean for Mr. Bopp’s challenge.


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