Lynne’s Opening Statement to the Finance Committee

Today, Lynne Swanson (Blaze) participated as part of a panel on the Finance Committee’s study of Part 5 of Bill C-31 – the Canada-United States Enhanced Tax Information Exchange Agreement Implementation Act (or, as I call it, the Canada-United States Abrogation of Canadian Rights Agreement’.

Essentially, Lynne was invited to speak about FATCA and the IGA. I, for one, admire her bravery and commitment to our shared cause and her willingness to appear before the committee and not only speak, but answer questions from the committee members.

She only had 5 minutes for her opening statement, and then was expected to answer questions from the members of the committee. At the time of this posting, I don’t have a full report on exactly what was said and asked. We will provide that as soon as we can.

What I do have is the speech Lynne prepared in advance. I most sincerely hope that her very eloquent statement fell on receptive ears.

Update: Watch Lynne’s opening statement on YouTube, thanks to the Isaac Brock Society. Again, thanks to IBS, watch the entire 2 hours of the meeting (Lynne at about 1:24)


I come before you as the voice of one million Canadians.

We are Canadians.  Many have been Canadian citizens for life or for decades. We chose Canada. We expect Canada to choose us and our rights over foreign bully demands.

“Why do our most heinous criminals have more Charter rights than I do,” asks a Nova Scotia police officer of 33 years. He was born in Maine almost six decades ago because his New Brunswick mother was sent there to give birth.

A Quebec woman who has been a Canadian citizen since birth says her ancestor who came to Canada in 1682 must be turning over in his grave at FATCA.

A widowed Grandma in Vancouver was told by US Consulate when she became a Canadian citizen in 1972 she was permanently and irrevocably relinquishing American citizenship. She insists, “My financial records are definitely none of the business of the IRS.”

An Ontario First Nations husband and father is horrified his Canadian government will help United States seize his family’s financial records because his Canadian wife was born there.

An Alberta woman reports her mother who upheld Canadian laws for many years as Justice of the Peace is now medically and physically too frail to deal with FATCA stresses.

They and one million other Canadians were betrayed by FATCA Intergovernmental Agreement. We were offended and insulted to hear Minister of State for Finance call us “American citizens abiding here in Canada” in the House of Commons.

If Canada mandated financial institutions to seek Canadians born in China, India, Iran or Eritrea for CRA to transmit private financial information to those nations, there would be outrage.

Canadians born in United States should have the same rights as all other Canadians.  Canada should strongly defend those rights and not sacrifice them to a foreign country.

Two prominent Canadians described FATCA well.  In 2011 and many times after that, Finance Minister the late Jim Flaherty said “FATCA has far-reaching extraterritorial implications. It would turn Canadian banks into extensions of the IRS and would raise significant privacy concerns for Canadians.” 

Terry Campbell, President of Canadian Bankers Association in 2012 called FATCA “the poster child for the problem of extra-territoriality…It threatens to erode Canadian sovereignty.”

Those statements hold true now. Under threat of economic sanctions and penalties, Canada surrendered its sovereignty to a foreign power with the IGA.

Canadians affected by FATCA were stunned last week when a member of this Committee said “Congress has spoken.” 

Canadians expect Parliament to speak for Canada. Canadians expect Parliament to uphold Canada’s laws, rights and constitution. Anything less is an affront and betrayal to Canada and to Canadians.

FATCA is complex. I give you a simple solution. I urge you to adopt an amendment to the Implementation Act:

“Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act or the Agreement, for all purposes related to the implementation of this Act and the Agreement, “US Person” and “Specified US Person” shall not include any person who is a Canadian citizen or legal permanent resident who is ordinarily resident in Canada.”

I implore you. Do the right thing. Stand up for Canada and for all Canadians.

25 thoughts on “Lynne’s Opening Statement to the Finance Committee

  1. Lynne Swanson

    Many apologies. I did my reply to Arctic when it should have been to The Animal.

    As I said, it is important not to confuse someone for someone else–and then I did just that.

    Not a good start for the new Chief Jingo of Canada.  I promise to do better!



  2. Lynne Swanson

    Whoa Arctic!!!

    That is a different Mike Allen.  The Mike Allen who said “Congress has spoken” and insisted Parliament did speak for Canada with the IGA is an MP from New Brunswick.

    The Mike Allen in the CBC story is an Alberta MLA. Not the same person.

    I agree the Mike Allen and several other Con MPs are traitors to Canada by supporting the IGA and allowing Congress to make laws for Canada, but that Mike Allen is a very different one.


  3. Lynne Swanson

    @Pat: It is worse than that.  At the London information session, John called US citizenship the “most dangerous, toxic citizenship in the world.”

  4. PatCanadian

    I didn’t listen to all of today’s testimony as it seemed very discouraging and pro-IGA. The exception was John Richardson’s refreshing anti-FATCA comments and his support of the amendment to exclude Canadian citizens from the IGA.

    These proceedings are making me realize that giving up US citizenship is a positive step for me. US citizenship is no longer a great gift, it is a nightmare.


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