Canadian FATCA IGA lawsuit: November 1, 2014 legal bill will be paid on time! / Poursuite canadienne contre la FATCA et le gouvernement canadien : nos frais légaux du 1er novembre 2014 seront payés à temps !

[We now have a new post taking us up to February 1, 2015. This post will be retired.]


Dear Donors,

Together, we reached our goal of $100,000 to pay the November 1 legal bill 11 days ahead of schedule!

Thank you Canadian donors from coast to coast and our friends from around the world for your generosity, support and determination — and especially for not being afraid.

The name of our non-profit corporation is the “Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty.”

We were very deliberate in including in our name the word “sovereignty”, which forms a cornerstone of our Claims against the Government of Canada.

Canada and dozens of other countries throughout the world gave into a bully because their “leaders” were afraid of harm caused by a trading “partner” — and they gave their sovereignties away.

Help us convince by example the Leaders and Governments of all countries worldwide that they should return their sovereignties back to their Peoples.

Please continue to support our lawsuit.

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” (Helen Keller)

— Plaintiffs Ginny and Gwen, and the ADCS-ADSC team

Chers donateurs,

Ensemble, nous avons atteint notre but d’amasser 100 000 $ pour payer notre facture légale du 1er novembre 11 jours d’avance !

Un gros merci à vous, donateurs canadiens, et à nos amis de tous les coins du monde pour votre grande générosité, soutien et détermination. Et surtout pour votre courage.

Le nom de notre organisme sans but lucratif est « l’Alliance pour la défense de la souveraineté canadienne ».

Nous avons choisi délibérément le mot « souveraineté » puisqu’il constitue la base fondamentale de nos revendications envers le gouvernement du Canada.

Le Canada et des dizaines d’autres pays se sont pliés devant l’intimidation des États-Unis parce que leurs « leaders » ont eu peur des menaces de notre « partenaire » commercial. Ils ont donc vendu leur souveraineté à rabais.

Aidez-nous à convaincre les dirigeants et les gouvernements de tous ces pays qu’ils se doivent de remettre leur souveraineté à leurs peuples.

S’il vous plaît, continuez à soutenir notre cause.

« Seuls, nous pouvons faire si peu. Ensemble, nous pouvons faire beaucoup. » (Helen Keller)

— Ginny, Gwen et toute l’équipe de l’ADCS-ADSC

[There will be a new post to show our progress in making the $100,000 February 1, 2015 legal bill. The next three months takes us through the holidays gift-giving season.]

DONATE to (ADSC en français).

140 thoughts on “Canadian FATCA IGA lawsuit: November 1, 2014 legal bill will be paid on time! / Poursuite canadienne contre la FATCA et le gouvernement canadien : nos frais légaux du 1er novembre 2014 seront payés à temps !

  1. Lynne Swanson

    Way to go Stephen, ADCS Board and all our friends and donors in Canada and around the world.

    Dear Roy Berg: Isn’t it amazing what some “jingoistic! hyperbolic rhetoric admonishing Finance for ceding power, ceding sovereignty” can do?


    Lynne Swanson
    Chief Jingo of Canada

  2. Lynne Swanson

    Just over $2000 to go by November 1. We will do this.

    Thanks so much everyone. Keep those donations coming. As soon as we meet this goal, it will be time to start working on the next one.

  3. Lynne Swanson

    Let’s inflame Kim Moody and Roy Berg even more. Let’s show them we can challenge FATCA legally.

    As Mr.Moody readily admits, he is not a constitutional expert.

    Joe Arvay is a constitutional expert. Joe Arvay has demonstrated that in numerous constitutional cases at the Supreme Court of Canada. In fact, Joe Arvay is at the Supreme Court of Canada today on the assisted suicide case.

    Mr. Moody would love to see us fail in our fund raising efforts because he and Berg stand to profit greatly from FATCA fear mongering.

    The government on both sides of the border and the Canadian Bankers Association are also hoping we will fail.

    There are one million US persons in Canada. With just one loonie from each, we could double the amount we need to get to Federal Court and would have a Great War Chest for heading to the Supreme Court of Canada.

    We have many Canadians and friends around the world supporting us. We need the remaining Canadians to do their part.

    If you have not yet donated, please do it now. We all must do our part.

  4. Lynne Swanson

    Thanks Calgary. I will do a new thread on this to ensure it is visible.

    I will also ask Outraged to add the amended claim to the FATCA lawsuit section.

  5. calgary411

    To: All MapleSandboxers

    Re: Amended Statement of Claim

    Stephen Kish is on the road all day. He has asked me to post a comment regarding the updated / amended claim of the plaintiffs.
    For those of you interested in reading the amended Statement of Claim, it has now been posted by John Richardson at

    So, announcements are not lost in the sites of IsaacBrockSociety and MapleSandbox where so many topics are discussed, (Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty “From The Desk” of the ADCS-ADSC Board of Directors) is the dedicated site for all future announcements regarding the Canadian litigation.

  6. OutragedCanadian

    Oh man, I’m getting worried – that’s more than $1000 per day needed to make the goal. I’m wracking my brains trying to figure out a way to raise some money but not coming up with much. I’ll find some way to contribute more, though, I promise.

  7. calgary411

    I commented that I don’t want any Liberal swag come-on’s and certainly no Hillary Clinton endorsements — both negatives for my vote. When the Liberals have that great and expensive help of H.C., I would want them to have her speak about FATCA and all we discuss of who it affects in Canada and why she supports anything like US citizenship-based taxation for legal residents and citizens of other countries!

    Hold their feet to the fire, PatCanadian and any other Liberals out there.

    In the meantime, all my donations go to! Nothing of my little will go to any political party until I see their policy on what they will do regarding reversing the IGA implementing US FATCA.

  8. PatCanadian

    I agree. No donation…as you say “they will have to be crystal clear on the rights of so-called *US Persons in Canada* vs the rights of any other Canadians”.

    Along with a couple of others from Brock, I have been in touch with the Liberal Party as well. We sent some ideas to a local Liberal candidate from our local area in BC. Pam Goldsmith-Jones had asked for our opinion on policy concerning FATCA.

    The following summarizes what we sent in response to her Liberal Party statement:

    “Regarding your statement on Liberal policy for FATCA/IGA issue:
    What leapt out at me was that “the Liberal Party of Canada raised the issue in Question Period, pressing the Conservative government to do the right thing for Canadians.”
    However, this does not go far enough. Things like amending the agreement so the IRS would not tax savings vehicles and asking for amnesty against IRS penalties are stop gap measures. These do not address the root of the problem.
    When Stephen Harper and the Conservatives pushed through legislation for the IGA, this sold out a large chunk of Canadian Sovereignty to the United States and the IRS. It also violates the Charter Rights of Canadian Citizens who happen to have some U.S. connection. XXXX and I collaborated on the following statement:

    “The Liberal Party needs to do the right thing for Canadians by restoring Canadian Sovereignty and restoring Charter Rights to all Canadian Citizens and permanent residents regardless of national origin, and by protecting them from the extraterritorial overreach of other nations.”

    Our friend XXX has added the following: “With the FATCA/IGA, the Harper Conservatives instituted the supremacy of U.S. law over Canadian citizens in Canada”. We think this situation needs to be put in reverse.
    These statements apply to the U.S. FATCA/IGA issue and indicate the direction which we believe the Liberal Party needs to travel to repair the damage done by the Conservatives.”

    We emphasized to the nominee and to Justin Trudeau that our vote and donations would have to be earned by the Liberal Party taking a stand on FATCA and the IGA. Until they are clear, no vote and no donations. Pam Goldsmith-Jones will be working with Justin Trudeau on policy this Fall.

    Additional correspondence has been sent directly to Justin Trudeau and the head of policy for the Liberal Party.


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