Here is What Canadians Said on FATCA IGA. The Cons Didn’t Listen.

Canadians told the government what they thought of FATCA. They told our government the emotional, financial, physical, mental, emotional, family, personal and human cost.

They told them the legal and political ramifications. They pleaded and they raged.  They sent short submissions and long ones.

They stood up for themselves and for Canada.

The Cons didn’t listen. In fact, they didn’t even receive the over 430 pages of submissions sent to Finance Canada.

In March, I made a request for those submissions to Finance Canada under Access to Information.

I asked if copies would be provided to MPs. The answer was no.

I asked what the purpose was of Finance asking for the submissions if our elected representatives would not see them before they voted. I did not receive a reply.

I asked for copies before my testimony at Finance Committee on May 13. That was denied.

I asked for copies before the MPs voted so I could forward it to them. That request was delayed.

I finally received over 400 pages of submissions almost three months after my request and on the very day (June 12) the House of Commons voted. I will let you decide for yourself if you think that delay was intentional or not. I know what I believe.

For privacy purposes, all names and identifying information were removed before sending it to me. The only names included were Allison Christians, Arthur Cockfield, John Richardson, Stephen Kish, Kim Moody, Roy Berg, Vincent Gogolek (Executive Director of B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association) and Lynne Swanson.

The submissions all tell individual stories. Almost all are from long-time Canadian citizens–including some who have been Canadian citizens their entire lives. There are some duplicates in the submissions.

Most of the submissions are restrained considering what this has done to out honest, law-abiding lives as Canadians. One submission consisted of two sentences and may sum up what many of us feel:

“I am totally against this U.S. invasion of Canadians’ privacy. I can’t see it surviving a Charter challenge, so why not just tell the U.S. to shove it.”

Here are the submissions. Because the file was so large, Outraged had to break it into eight sections to post.

Access to Info – Section 1      Access to Info – Section 2     Access to Info – Section 3

Access to Info – Section 4      Access to Info – Section 5     Access to Info – Section 6

Access to Info – Section 7      Access to Info – Section 





21 thoughts on “Here is What Canadians Said on FATCA IGA. The Cons Didn’t Listen.

  1. Lynne Swanson Post author

    @Hazy: I told Rankin and Brison’s Assistant about the submissions. They were going to try to get them, but I don’t know if they did or if they were able to.

    I just sent them to Rankin, Brison, Cullen, Hsu, May, Cotler, Atamarenko, Holder and Mathyssen. (Ed Holder is my Con MP. The only reply I have had from him was an FBAR sheet telling me of my obligations to file–even though I had already told him I have not been a US citizen since 1972. Irene Mathyssen is an NDP MP in my city, but not my riding. She and her staff have tried to be helpful since I first contacted them).

  2. Hazy

    @ Lynne

    Do you know if any MPs asked ( or demanded) to see the submissions prior to any Committee meetings or votes in the House?

  3. PatCanadian

    @ Lynne
    Thank you for obtaining our unread submissions to Finance Canada. My letter is in section 2 on page 11. Maybe some of these letters could be used in some way when this goes to court. Since my relinquishment appointment is over, I now feel that I can begin to come out of the shadows. You can use my letter with my name. Perhaps others would do this as well. Please let us know and I will email my letter to you with identification.


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