CRA Now Works For IRS

Wow!  Theo Caldwell tells it like it is in a hard-hitting article from Daily Caller in the US.

Canada’s FATCA Capitulation says it like it is.

As of this past week, the Canada Revenue Agency works for the Internal Revenue Service.



Notwithstanding that Canada’s leaders have subjected their citizens to the most rapacious and malevolent tax department in the world in the form of the IRS, they have committed a craven surrender of national sovereignty.

He asks:

Why, then, would Canada acquiesce to such an absurd arrangement?

Could it be XL Pipeline?

He tells Canada’s “leaders”:

When another country comes along and says their laws will henceforth be your laws, tell them to cram it with maple syrup.


Through this agreement, Canada has shown the world it lacks the courage to govern itself. This cannot stand.

23 thoughts on “CRA Now Works For IRS

  1. GoergeIII

    The fact that bank accounts can not be shut down and that no 30% witholding on USA assets weakened a Supreme Court case. There is no economic harm if you do not cross the USA border,
    If you do cross the USA border in the future, they may demand are you no longer a US person for tax purposes if you have a USA birthplace. They can do this without FATCA.

  2. Chris

    Wow, I do not sense a lot of optimism is this lawyer’s assessment. Almost like he’s saying FATCA will get a bit more publicity but it’s here to stay. Looks like a charter challenge is the last chance.
    Also, I wonder how this will all play out with the recent OECD announcement. Will the US come to its senses, adopt their residency based reporting framework and scrap FATCA?

  3. Blaze Post author

    @George: All I can say at the present time is some of us are exploring options about the Charter. I’m sorry I can’t say more than that at this time publicly.

    I know it is frustrating, but I’m quickly learning it’s true the wheels of justice turn slowly–and require money.

    You are not alone in asking the question. A privacy lawyer is also asking if there will be a Charter challenge.

  4. GoergeIII

    Ex US citizens do not have to tax compliant
    You just have to get CLN
    Of course that may put you on IRS radar. It may just be easier to explain why you relinquished a long time ago if you can beat the system.
    It is an IRS system you are beating not CRA system.
    Instead of wasting all this other countries money why did not the USA just update it citizen list and apply tax law at or in their borders, THis would be the Case for the Canadian Fact not European where they are collecting?

  5. BCguy

    I just scanned through the UK IGA – the first one signed – and I don’t see an appreciable difference between that one and the Canada IGA. Am I missing something?

  6. GeorgeIII

    Artic I doubt in the end any country with substantial US trade will refuse the agreement. The 30% withholding is nuclear weapon to all country that trade. The US$ is the reserv currency. Even though we have a balance budget and USA has huge deficit the US$ exchange rate has increased.

    The Canadian government is trying to make it as easy as possible for us to use the system.
    Blaze what is the news on constitutional challenge?
    Is Civil liberties proceeding?


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