Canadian FATCA IGA lawsuit: February 1, 2015 legal bill will be paid on time! / Poursuite canadienne contre la FATCA et le gouvernement canadien : nos frais légaux du 1er février 2015 seront payés à temps !


On August 11, 2014, Constitutional Litigator Joseph Arvay filed a FATCA IGA lawsuit in Canada Federal Court on behalf of Plaintiffs Ginny and Gwen, the Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty (en français), and all peoples worldwide. Read Alliance’s Claims and comment on our Alliance blog.

Chers amis et donateurs,

Ensemble, nous avons atteint notre but : ramasser les fonds nécessaires pour payer la troisième des cinq factures légales de notre poursuite judiciaire.

Ramasser 300 000 $ provenant de petits dons est un exploit tout à fait extraordinaire et nous invitons notre gouvernement canadien, ainsi que tous les autres gouvernements qui ont piétiné les droits de leurs citoyens, à en prendre bonne note.

Chaque jour, nous nous rapprochons de notre but. Déjà, nous avons ramassé plus de la moitié des fonds nécessaires pour payer les frais légaux de notre poursuite contre le gouvernement canadien et l’entente FATCA.

Si nous avons parcouru un si grand bout de chemin, c’est grâce à nos deux courageuses plaignantes, Ginny et Gwen, à nos donateurs provenant du Canada et de partout dans le monde, ainsi qu’aux administrateurs des sites Internet Isaac Brock Society et Maple Sandbox. Ils permettent tous à nos voix d’être entendues.

Merci !

L’équipe de l’ADSC


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Together we have reached our goal of paying off the third of five retainer fees for our Canadian FATCA IGA lawsuit.

Raising $300,000 from small donations is a pretty amazing achievement and we ask the Government of Canada, and those other governments who have also tossed away rights of their citizens, to take notice.

It’s still a marathon, but we are more than half way to pay off the Federal Court legal costs.

We have come so far because of our brave Plaintiffs, Ginny and Gwen, our Canadian and International donor-supporters, and the administrators of the Isaac Brock and Maple Sandbox websites who make it possible for our voices to be heard.

Thank you all,

—The ADCS-ADSC team

61 thoughts on “Canadian FATCA IGA lawsuit: February 1, 2015 legal bill will be paid on time! / Poursuite canadienne contre la FATCA et le gouvernement canadien : nos frais légaux du 1er février 2015 seront payés à temps !

  1. ArcticGrayling

    @ Lynne

    I have never heard of the IRS backing off on what they think is owed to them. My information is that even bankruptcy does not get you off the hook, as it eventually will with Revenue Canada. I suspect that Boris wrote a cheque to hush things up. He does have higher political ambitions.

    He is also a writer, which means he depends on royalties. Any of those royalty transactions that may be routed through the states would be garnisheed.

    But you may be right. He supported Obama in 2008. Obama treats his supporters nicely, even if they owe taxes. Al Sharpton owes $4.5 million and still has been invited to the White House about 60 times.

    Interesting that there was talk of arresting Boris if he showed up in the States. I have never heard talk of plans to arrest Sharpton.

  2. OutragedCanadian

    I truly hope our gov’t officials are taking notice! This is an amazing feat that we have done. I realize it’s not over, but really, that we regular folks have been able to raise the money to keep this going should put our govt on notice that we’re fighting mad, and we”re not backing down.

    Harper! Pay attention! People are watching what you do and you can’t just wave aside Canadian rights to satisfy your cronies.

  3. ArcticGrayling

    I am sad to see that Boris has paid his IRS bill. I filed and had nothing to pay, but if I owed, there is no way I would pay. I would gladly refrain from setting foot on US soil.

    1. Lynne Swanson

      I am not convinced he paid much if anything.  The headlines scream he paid.  His spokesperson says simply “The matter has been dealt with.”

      i I suspect he cut a sweetheart deal. He has probably been told by lawyers and accountants to shut his mouth.

      There is still the issue of FATCA.  Will his UK bank FATCA Boris?  What about accounts for the City of London over which he has signing authority?

      We need Boris and other Deep Pockets to help in this fight.

  4. Lynne Swanson

    The mercury soared over the top!

    Thanks everyone for your support and efforts. A very special thanks to Stephen for all his hard work.

    Together we will do this! On to the next step.

  5. calgary411

    Thanks, Stephen, for your update and the close of this successful chapter of our fundraising for justice for Gwen and Ginny — and all others. And, for all of your work keeping us focused on the deadline. I suppose that thermometer is now bursting — or we are ready to start the next visual of our efforts.

    My / our next donations will now be for the upcoming (continuing) march to getting the Canadian case before a court of Canadian law.

    It is with my grateful heart that I, too, thank everyone here, from ALL OVER THE WORLD, for your show of confidence and your role in our shared achievement.

  6. OutragedCanadian

    I buy lottery tickets when I can, but it’s a toss up – save that $3 to put toward the FATCA fight fund, or spend it in the hopes of winning the lottery and footing the whole bill for the fight! I have donated again this month what I can. I hope everyone else does as well.

  7. Lynne Swanson

    Mercury soaring today!

    Too bad that British nobleperson wasn’t Boris

    In also hope to win the lottery to help Ginny and Gwen help all of us.

  8. Lynne Swanson

    Mercury Rising on that Sovereignty thermometer. Thanks everyone and please keep those donations coming–especially if you have not donated yet. We need everyone in this battle.

  9. Lynne Swanson

    Thanks Schubert. That decision may not seem to be directly related to us, but Joe Arvay took a matter to the Supreme Court involving collective bargaining rights and won. In 2007, he convinced them to reverse their own decision from 20years earlier.

    In Civil Warror article, Walrus Magazine said:

    Arvay has a habit of proving the Supreme Court of Canada wrong when it comes to its dealings with the Charter. Most dramatically, he did this in 2007, when he convinced the court to overturn a trilogy of cases that denied unions the right to collective bargaining.

    in that same article, another prominent constitutional expert, Peter Hogg, said this about Joe:

    “I was astonished when that case came out. I doubt that anyone but Joe could have persuaded the court that they had been getting it consistently wrong for twenty years.”

    So, Joe may very well have laid the foundation for the RCMP decision. He takes on tough cases. He has an impressive record before the Supreme Court.

    Peter Hogg also said this about Joe:

    “If Joe loses a case, which must happen from time to time, I think everyone will assume that there was just no way to win it.”

    I think many people agree Joe Arvay is the best. That is why he is so expensive. That is why we need money to pay him.

    It is great to see the amount needed before February 1 has fallen below $20,000. Please keep those donations coming!

  10. Schubert

    Forgive me if someone has already connected these dots, but I am very heartened by today’s news that Canada’s Supreme Court has ruled that the Mounties have the right to form a union if they wish, and that the legislation banning the Mounties from doing so (dating back to the 1960s) violates the Charter guarantees of freedom of association.

    The decision was 6-1, and of the 7 sitting justices, three (yes 3) are Harper appointees. Even his own appointees are putting the Charter rights of Canadians ahead of political ideology and/or expediency.

    The court was particularly not impressed by the government arguments about national security and safety requiring restriction on the Mounties’ bargaining and association rights. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to extend that argument to the claims that the government had no choice on the IGA because the banks have over-exposed themselves to investment in and bullying by the US.

    There has been a string of Supreme Court decisions recently which, on Charter matters, have decisively rebuffed the current federal government and legislation that contravenes Charter protections.

    That encourages me to believe that if the FATCA/IGA Charter challenge gets to the Supreme Court, if not before, there is an excellent chance that Harper, Finance, Justice and the CBA may very well have the IGA rug yanked out from under their feet.

    Donate to the Charter challenge fund (ADCS fund) to help make this happen. We can do it, folks!

  11. Lynne Swanson

    These stories of donors continue to amaze me everyday.

    A struggling single mother donating $25 three times, a retiree in Poland forced to return to work donating to our cause, a native Canadian father donating from his family’s planned Disney vacation fund and more.

    Through it all, it’s the Little People who are doing it while those with Deep Pockets ignore us. Mind boggling.

    Many thanks to all the Little People around the world. Together we will do this.

  12. Lynne Swanson

    Wow. It’s great to see that thermometer take a red hot jump and the amount needed to take a huge plunge today.

    Thank you everyone who has donated to make this happen.

    We still need more. If you have not already donated, please do so now. February 1 is only 18 days away and we still need over $24,000 for that payment.


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