4 thoughts on “Government Defence to Charter Challenge

  1. The government’s defence can be summed up as follows:
    “A thug from Washington has walked into our premises to commit armed robbery. What choice did we have?”.

  2. @ArcticGreyling Yep. And to defend the banks, we will put our own citizens directly in the line of fire.
    I have the definite impression there were no constitutional experts involved in writing the Defence. In fact, I have concluded the Department of Justice does not have any constitutional experts. The government has a dismal record before the Supreme Court over the past year yet they continue to try to barge full steam ahead costing people defending their fundamental rights tons of money.

  3. I agree. US government, DOJ and IRS…the biggest thugs on the planet. The only problem for them is that now the US has the largest debt of any country on the planet and is very much on a downhill course. Printing money and trying to stealing from “US persons” to sustain themselves will not work forever.

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