I Am Canada. Hear Me Roar

I Am Canada. Hear Me Roar Mr. President from Robert W. Wood in Forbes.

Dear President Obama:
I and thousands of Canadians are embroiled in an impossible situation. I am a Canadian. Yet because I was born in the U.S., you say I must file tax returns and FBARs, even though I haven’t lived there since 1973. I was not aware I needed to file U.S. tax returns and never heard of FBARS or FATCA until now…

I believe the U.S. wasn’t looking primarily for wealthy offshore accounts. FATCA was always about grabbing fines and penalties, taking from Canada and other nations to fuel the U.S. recovery…

A resident and citizen of Canada for decades, I and thousands of others ARE CANADA! We will never take a dime from the U.S. We do not use U.S. services but must pay fines levied against us.Besides, would I want a U.S. passport? Americans are the first to be grabbed by terrorists…

The story in the letter is one we have heard many times. Issues with employment, strained marriage, stress, incredulity, anger, frustration, etc.

I Am Canada

6 thoughts on “I Am Canada. Hear Me Roar

  1. I agree. I am canadian not an American as the US is stamping Product of the USA 0n my back. Our freedom which the US was founded on is being denied as well as our Rights. I wish I could stop all the Canadians from cross border shopping and have them support the Canadian ‘s bussiness

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