Bopping FATCA with James Bopp, Senator Mike Lee and Victoria

Victoria reports that yesterday:

Bright and early Monday morning, Senator Mike Lee and superlawyer James Bopp, Jr. addressed a full house of frustrated and forlorn US citizens over at Reid Hall in Paris. Some came in suits, some in jeans. There was a very young woman with blue streaks in her hair and men whose touches of gray were a testimonial to a lot of living. There were lawyers, stay at home mothers, IT workers and artists. A diverse group that was far more representative of the true face of Americans abroad than the usual caricatures of champagne-sipping yacht-owners living it up in Gay Paree. It was coffee and croissants and a frank discussion that at times was fraught with emotion.

You can read Victoria’s excellent summary at her Flophouse post Lee and Bopp: A Chance to Change the Tide on FATCA.
And here’s more US Delegation Calls for Repeal of FATCA from Luxemburgh.

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